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homemade light box tutorial
Last week my camera finally kicked the bucket. It had been moments away from death for quite awhile, and it was actually a miracle that it survived as long as it did. After convincing my dear husband that I had been in need of an equipment upgrade anyway, I spent the better part of the week trying to figure out the basics of the new camera’s menu – it’s amazing how completely different two cameras can be!

When I received a package of Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape from Shoplet Office Supplies to review, I knew right away that I wanted to use it to create a light box where I could play around with the camera’s settings in a different environment.

I wanted a nice clean and sturdy box, so I picked up a new one from the Depot that was 18″square. They come flattened, so I used my Duck Tape to close the bottom of the box and reinforce the edges. The “EZ Start” part really proved to be true, and I had no trouble at all with this tape sticking to itself (unlike practically every other brand I’ve ever used!).

After the bottom of the box was closed up I cut a 14″ square window in 3 of the sides, leaving a 2″ border around all of the edges. Leave the original top of the box open, as this will now become the opening in the front of your light box from which you’ll take your photos.

constructing diy light box pieces
I cut three pieces of thin white fabric and attached them to the outside of the windows with the Duck Tape. The tape is really nice and thick, so it only took one piece of tape along each edge to hold it securely. I almost always double or triple tape things, so it was a pleasant surprise that this held up so well with just one strip. Another single piece of tape was used to hang a half yard of fabric inside of the box to serve as my backdrop.
My husband quickly built a couple of stands for my clip-on utility lamps, and I used the back of a kid-sized chair to hold up my top lamp. The lamps are equipped with daytime fluorescent bulbs directed to shine straight into each of the windows, and the fabric diffuses any shadows that the lamps might create.
duck tape roll for easy to make light box
duck tape roll for homemade light box
See that white roller near the cutting edge? It makes this dispenser sooo easy to use – I could even do it one-handed!
light placement shown for diy lightbox
All done, quick and easy! Now go grab your camera and start snapping a gazillion shots. It’s addictive, and the endless background options make it even more fun!
zebra patterned duck tape roll
Shoplet also sent me a roll of Zebra Printed Duck Tape. This stuff is super cute, and I love that it unrolls and tears much easier than the silver duct tape. The boys and I are going to be making lanyards for our community clubhouse cards out of this, so be on the lookout for that tutorial soon!

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(Disclaimer: I was provided with products from Shoplet for this review; however, all opinions expressed are 100% mine)

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  1. The matching between the lamp and cardboard box and the painting is very creative. If it can match the factory to produce such a box, it seems to be very interesting

  2. This is a fabulous idea! I need to make one… and then figure out where to keep it! Good post.

    1. Jen – I shove mine in the guest bedroom! I have no idea where it’s going to go in a couple of weeks when we have guests though!

  3. i already love that tape! now im wondering more about the light box. i made one before, but didnt have good results. mine looked a bit different. what lights did you use? please share:)

    1. We got medium sized clip-on utility lamps at Home Depot, just the basic ones that can be found near the extension cords (I think they were around $10), and I am using EcoSmart 100 watt equivalent (1600 lumen brightness) daylight compact fluorescent bulbs (the swirly ones). I find that I have to put the lights right up next to the fabric to get enough light, but I’m going to try swapping my fabric out. I used an old white sheet that I cut up, but it’s a bit thicker than I want it to be. I think bleached muslin would probably be perfect 🙂