Easy DIY Headboard with Cut It Out Frames

When I first saw these awesome 14″ square wall art pieces from Cut It Out, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them! I think they’d look incredible as a large mirror or art piece, but I had even bigger plans for them – a headboard! A DIY vintage sheet headboard, to be specific.

Cut It Out Frame PanelsThe face of the cut outs are smooth MDF, and the back side has an indentation that’s perfect for housing a 12″ x 12″ mirror/decorative paper/photos along with a keyhole for hanging.

Assembling a HeadboardTo make our headboard, I laid out 15 of the squares in a 3×5 pattern, and used .25″ x  1.5″ strips of wood to attach them all together. I could have made this project a zillion times easier by using my nail gun to attach the frames directly to our wall, but I know that we are the World’s Most Indecisive Couple (especially when it comes to bedroom decor!). By making the smaller frames into a single larger frame, we are able to easily change out the fabric/paper/etc. to switch up the look of our space as often as we like!

Framing Out a HeadboardMy husband routed the interior edge of some 1×2 wood pieces, and used them to frame out the entire headboard.

Painting a Wood Cutout Headboard FrameWe painted the headboard with one coat of primer and three coats of white enamel cabinet paint. The MDF sucks up a lot of paint, so I highly recommend using a primer first!

Cutting Foam Core for a DIY HeadboardI cut squares of white foam core to fit snugly inside of the openings in the back of the frames. I knew that I wanted to back my headboard with a vintage sheet, but I didn’t want to cut the sheet in case I want to use it for something else later.

How to Make a Vintage Sheet Headboard The foam squares hold the sheet in place against the front of each frame opening without having to cut the sheet.  I laid the sheet across the back of the headboard, pressed the foam squares into place, and neatly folded the excess sheet around the edges, securing the folds with a few staples into the wood strips.

Eye Hooks and Wire for Hanging the HeadboardHanging the headboard with a couple of eye hooks and heavy picture wire (like a large art piece) allows for an easy quick-change if we ever decide to use something else inside of the frames.

DIY Framework and Floral HeadboardIt looks even more awesome than I imagined it would!

DIY Vintage Sheet Headboard and FrameI’m in love! The vintage sheet headboard gives the space such a fresh and cheery new look!

DIY Headboard with Vintage Sheets and Cut It Out FramesOur master bedroom is finally starting to come together! Next up, curtains and new artwork (oh, and try to find a new nightstand for my husband that better coordinates with my yellow one!).

Also in this room…

Refinished Yellow DresserYellow Vintage Dresser Makeover

A huge thank you to Cut It Out for providing me with the incredible wood cut out frames to make this headboard!

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  1. Very gorgeous! Wish I could do myself but $13 X 15 = almost $200 and that’s just the cutouts! Still need nail gun, nails, framing & sheet! Not very price practical.

    1. The cost can definitely add up, especially if you don’t already have the tools on hand; however, in comparison to some of the headboards sold in stores, this is still a great deal! The headboard that originally inspired this idea (seen here) is $600, and doesn’t even come in a king or Cal king size like we needed! 🙂

  2. I LOVE this but did these cutouts actually cost you $13 a piece? Or am I looking at the wrong product?

  3. Heidi what size is your bed I have been searching for a diy headboard for 2 1/2 yes and I love yours so I’m doing it my bed is a queen

  4. What a unique idea!! And so gorgeous. Love love love!!

    (Also, your comforter is gorgeous, too. Where did you get it?)

  5. I’ve never seen anything like this before. It turned out just gorgeous! I love that you didn’t cut the sheet, so it could even be changed out when you want something new. Genius idea!