diy homemade play dough

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This easy activity combines two of our favorite things – Earth Day and playdough! Unlike some of our past Earth Day activities (ahem, paper making with preschoolers), this one doesn’t require very much prep time and is minimally messy.

We started by mixing up a double batch of our favorite playdough recipe (but we omitted the pumpkin pie spice and vanilla). We started with plain white dough and then divided it and kneaded in the food coloring after cooking.

blue white and green balls of playdough

Sutton wanted his to look like Earth from space, so he requested that we make blue, green, and a little bit of white dough.

smooshing colors of playdough together to make earth color

Take a small amount of each color and roll it around to form a ball.

earth colors combined in ball of homemade playdough recipe

Hey, it’s starting to look like the Earth already! Be careful not to overmix the colors or it will lose its swirly marbleized look and start to turn a solid color. You can call it good with these 3-d Earth models, or you can do like my big boys did and create a flatter version.

cutting out circles in playdough with cookie cutter

Roll out the dough and use a cookie cutter to cut circular Earth shapes from the flattened dough.

kid holding up earth day playdough

Easy peasy!

small child playing with playdough

The best part about playing with playdough in our house is that it will keep all three of my boys occupied for HOURS!

kids finding toys to play with diy playdough
diy homemade play dough



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