Printable Easter Coloring Book

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Make your Easter baskets special with delicious See’s candies and a free printable Easter coloring & activity book (with a maze, word search, tic tac toe & more)!

Cute Printable Easter Coloring and Activity Books

This post may contain affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from these sales at no additional cost to you!

Easter is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about what kind of goodies you’re going to include in your children’s Easter baskets! I always include my boys’ favorite See’s Candies treats along with a coloring book, and this year I decided to design my own coloring and activity book for them.

Adorable Easter Baskets Filled with See's Candy and Printable Coloring Books
Yummy See's Candy and Chocolates are Perfect for Easter Baskets

My boys love See’s Candies, especially the chocolate bunnies and truffles, so I made sure that we had plenty for everyone to share! See’s continues to make their candies using recipes and traditions inspired by Mary See and the first See’s Candies store that opened in 1921, so you know that all of their treats are delicious time honored favorites!

See's Candy Easter Basket with Free Printable Coloring and Activity Book
Yummy See's Candy Easter Basket Goodies

See’s chocolate artists hand decorate and embellish many seasonal chocolate favorites, and their precision and attention to detail always impresses me!

See's Candy Easter Basket Goodies
Printable Easter Coloring Book and Cute Easter Baskets with See's Candy

I can’t wait to give my boys the fun coloring and activity book that I created! It’s packed full of entertaining things to keep them busy until it’s time for the big Easter egg hunt – a maze, word search, word scramble, tic tac toe, egg match, and lots of cute things to color!

happy easter printable easter coloring pages for kids
Printable Easter Coloring Book Pages
Easter Coloring Book Printable Word Search Mazes and More

To print the coloring book, I like to use a heavy cardstock to print the cover (page 1) and then print pages 2-5 using the double-sided print feature if available. If your printer does not have a double-sided print option, print pages 2-3 on one side, and then flip the paper over to print pages 4-5 on the back side. Fold all of the pieces on half. Slip the pages inside of the cover, and secure in the center of the book with a long-reach stapler.

Easter Basket with See's Candy and Printable Coloring Books

Coloring books + new crayons + See’s Candies = the perfect Easter morning! I can’t wait to give these baskets to my kiddos!

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Free Printable Easter Coloring and Activity Book - great Easter basket stuffer


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