My boys frequently like to play dress up in costumes, so I have a fondness for quick and easy DIY costumes that can be inexpensively created. These detective, superhero and scientist costumes require just a few basic materials and come together in under ten minutes.

Detective Costume Supplies

 Detective Costume Materials: Two baseball caps, 36″ square of plaid fabric, sponge brush (handle only), canning jar ring and glue. Optional materials: black paint and ribbon.

  • To make the magnifying glass, glue the canning jar ring to the handle of the sponge brush. Paint black if desired.
  • To create the hat, take two brimmed caps and glue one inside of the other with the bills facing in opposite directions. Embellish with black ribbon if desired.
  • To create the poncho, spread out fabric and trace a large circle that fills most of the fabric. Cut out the circle. In the center of the fabric circle, cut a small head-sized hole.

kids wearing easy detective costume Easy peasy, and seriously adorable!

Easy Super Hero Costume SuppliesSuper Hero Costume Materials: 1 yard of fabric for cape, 1 yard of ribbon, felt sheet for mask, glue. Optional: needle and thread for reinforcing ribbon ties.

  • To make the cape, cut a tall triangle shape from the fabric.  Round the two bottom corners. Remove the top point by cutting a semi-circle for the neck opening about 16″ wide. Glue ribbons at both sides of the semi circle for attaching the cape to your child. Optional: use a rectangle of felt, and a needle and thread to reinforce the ribbon attachment site.
  • To make the eye mask, use this template at Just Bunch to cut the felt. Fold in half lengthwise to cut out the eye holes. Glue ribbon to both sides of the mask for attaching to your child.

Easy Super Hero Costume SetSimon’s not usually as excited about dress up as his big brothers, but he LOVED this cape! He snagged it from Sawyer and ran off with it shouting, “MY super hero!”

Easy Kids Superhero Costume

I used hot glue to attach my ribbons to the cape and mask. I will probably go back and reinforce them with a few stitches of thread at some point, but the hot glue has held up really well so far through lots of play!

Easy Scientist Costume SuppliesScientist Costume Materials: Oversized white t-shirt, CD sleeves, glue and safety goggles.

  • To make the scientist’s lab coat, simply glue the CD sleeves on to the t-shirt. Cut bottom of t-shirt to appropriate length if necessary.

Easy Scientist Costume SetThis one literally took two minutes to put together, and it’s one of their favorite costumes! It can also do double duty as a doctor’s costume if you swap the goggles for a stethoscope – gotta love versatility!

Dress up play is a great family activity – parents can get in on the fun by engaging in role playing games and staging imaginary situations for your children. Parents can even make costumes for themselves too! For lots of great quick and easy costume inspiration, be sure to watch The Chica Show on Sprout where dressing up is part of the every day fun. New episodes begin TODAY, so be sure to check your local listings and set your DVR!

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Disclaimer: I was provided with costume materials by Sprout; however, as always, all opinions are 100% mine!

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