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“If You Were a Fruit, You’d Be a Fine-Apple!” Get this funny pineapple SVG file that’s perfect for personalizing shirts, journals, water bottles, mugs, and more! 

Funny Pineapple SVG File

fine apple tumbler diy craft
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Pineapples have been a well-known symbol of hospitality and friendship since the 17th Century when the rare fruit was often viewed as a delicious status symbol. After all of those years, it’s no surprise that pineapples are still enormously popular and pineapple motifs can be found on everything from door knockers to clothing to dish towels!

“If You Were a Fruit, You’d be a Fine-Apple!”

Download our funny Pineapple SVG file to create your own pillows, mugst-shirts, and more! Include the humorous text layer or keep it hidden for a simple and classic pineapple design!

fine apple shirt being worn

I seriously want to put this pineapple on EVERYTHING! It’s so fun!

pineapple svg file craft collage

These pineapple goodies would make great homemade gift ideas – perfect for housewarming parties, holiday gifts, birthday presents, and SO much more!

Get the Fine-Apple Pineapple SVG File Here:

Image of text that says Heidi

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if you were a fruit youd be a fine apple tumbler
fine apple funny pineapple svg file
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