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Playing a Homemade Halloween Board GameA few weeks ago my entire family sat down at the kitchen table on a rainy Saturday afternoon and played a three+ hour game of Monopoly together. It was the first time that our three-year-old didn’t grow impatient or interrupt the game, and we all sat there nicely enjoying each others company as we swapped properties and bought and sold houses and hotels. One thing that I learned that day is that board games are a fantastic way to sneak in some reading and math practice, especially if you have a reluctant reader like we do. I also learned that I really can’t stand playing games that last for more than an hour and drag on….and on…and on! As much as I enjoy playing board games with my family, I’d much rather play three or four different games during a three hour stretch than play one neverending round of Monopoly!

I decided to create my own board game that our family could enjoy together, and I wanted to make sure that I included some opportunities for the kids to practice their reading as well.

Neon Sharpie + Blank Board GameI bought a blank board game kit online and picked up a 5-pack of Neon Sharpie markers at Target (you can save $1 with this coupon – available while supplies last for a limited time in select Target stores).

Neon Sharpie Glows Under Black LightDo you see what I see? “Fluoresces Under Black Light” sounds like a ton of fun to me!

Making a Homemade Halloween Board GameI decided to use a Halloween theme for my game because I really wanted to use my favorite Halloween clip art from Jazzy Patterns. Instead of drawing directly on to my game board I created a template in Photoshop, printed out my game board squares, and glued them to the blank board.

Trick for Stamping Words With Alphabet Letter StampsMy game uses two piles of cards – “Trick Cards” and “Treat Cards” – that instruct the player to complete a silly task like reading a tongue twister or a riddle before moving their game piece forward or backwards. I quickly stamped the words “trick” and “treat” on to the blank cards by rubber banding together all of the letters and stamping the entire word at once. This also helps to ensure that the letters have nice spacing and look consistent.

Decorating a Board Game With Neon SharpiesI was really hoping that the Neon Sharpies would live up to their glow-in-the-black-light claims, so I gave my game board a bunch of little details in the neon colors. I just sort of randomly doodled borders and added outlines and details where they were appropriate.

homemade halloween board game I really love the extra pops of vibrant color that the Neon Sharpies give to the game board in normal light, but the real magic comes alive when you turn off the lights and turn ON the black light!

Neon Sharpie Board GameBoy, oh boy! It was even cooler than I had hoped! “Start Bright. Go Electric.” was definitely the truth! The kids wanted to play the game before I was even finished writing all of the activities on the Trick and Treat Cards!

Homemade Glowing Halloween Board Game With Neon SharpiesThe Neon Sharpie packaging said that the  AP Certified non-toxic ink is water, smear and fade-resistant, so I’m hoping that this new game will stand the test of time and remain a favorite for quite awhile!

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