32 Halloween Trivia Questions + Printable Game

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Use this printable Halloween trivia to test your Halloween knowledge! This Halloween game can be played at your Halloween party or out with friends for a spooky good time! The printable Halloween game includes questions and answers to some of our favorite Halloween trivia.

free printable halloween trivia cards

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Halloween Trivia Game

Do you know how heavy the world’s largest pumpkin is? Or which Halloween costume is the most popular costume for dogs? Put your Halloween knowledge to the test with this frighteningly fun Halloween trivia game!

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Printable Halloween Trivia Game

printable halloween trivia game

Our printable Halloween trivia is perfect for adults and older teens and can be played at a Halloween party, work outing, double date night, or while you’re out with friends at a bar or restaurant. Break into teams or play as singles to show off your Halloween trivia knowledge. The team (or person) with the most correct answers wins!

printable halloween trivia cards

The printable has everything you need to host your own trivia night. All you need now are your Halloween smarts!

cute out halloween trivia cards

How to Play Halloween Trivia:

  • Print out the Halloween trivia cards and cut out the squares. (I always recommend printing on a heavy cardstock so that no one can peek at the answers!)
  • Decide if you’ll split into teams or play as singles.
  • Assign a host to read the questions. The answers are on the question card, so this person will not be able to answer.
  • Have a sheet of paper to write down your answers or use a buzz-in system to answer first.
  • The team or person with the most correct answers at the end wins! (Note: for answers that require a specific number, you can choose to award points to the person/team with the closest answer!)
  • If you’re hosting a Halloween party, have some fun prizes on hand for the top two or three winners!

pile of halloween printable trivia game

The printable includes 32 Halloween trivia questions. Some questions might be a little easier to answer (“Which horror movie franchise did Jamie Lee Curtis star in?”), while you might have to wrack your brain for others (“In which year was UNICEF’s trick or treat program started?”). You’ll have to play the game to find out the answers!

printable trivia game for kids

So much fun! Simply print and test your Halloween knowledge!

sample of printable halloween trivia game

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