Free Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt

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This free printable Halloween scavenger hunt is perfect for all ages! Play this fun Halloween scavenger hunt game with your family or at your next Halloween party! Print this free scavenger hunt out and start finding those Halloween items!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

printable halloween scavenger game

This post may contain affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from these sales at no additional cost to you!

This fun Halloween scavenger hunt is the perfect Halloween activity for the whole family!

We love scavenger hunts at our house! The Easter Bunny always uses an Easter scavenger hunt each year to send our kids on a treasure hunt for their Easter baskets, and it’s SO much fun to watch them solve the riddles and follow where the clue leads!

Since we love scavenger hunts so much, and Halloween is a favorite holiday in our household, we wanted to create a fun Halloween scavenger hunt to celebrate the occasion – with a little bit of a twist! Instead of a clue-based scavenger hunt like our Easter game, this version is a neighborhood Halloween scavenger hunt where the goal is to search your community to find all of the Halloween decorations listed! It’s a ton of Halloween fun for kids of all ages!

Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Close up of Halloween scavenger hunt printable checklist with "Spider Webs" and "RIP Tombstone" checked off

Print out this free printable Halloween scavenger hunt and look for the different Halloween items while you’re out and about around town at Halloween time.

Take this checklist with you to the pumpkin patch or while waiting in line for the haunted house. Use it to pass the time while trick or treating or during a classroom party. Create some friendly competition for kids of all ages while you’re out looking at Halloween decorations in the neighborhood! No matter where you decide to play this scavenger hunt game, it’s always a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit!

Close up of printable Halloween scavenger hunt game with Halloween novelty pencil on a purple background

How to Play the Halloween Scavenger Hunt:

You can play this scavenger hunt game a couple of different ways:

  • The first person who spies and calls out the item gets to cross it off of their list. (This method tends to work best with older kids and adults)
  • Anyone who spies and calls out an item (regardless of how many people call it out at the same time) get to check it off of their list. (This method is recommended for younger kids)
  • In both methods, the first person to cross off all of the items on their list wins! Alternately, if no one is able to cross off their entire list, the winner is the person who found the most items.
Halloween scavenger hunt printable on a purple background with Halloween pencil and novelty toys

Different Ways to Use the Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Use this scavenger hunt to entertain guests at your Halloween parties – decorate your home and/or yard with the various items, and hand out this printable to party guests as they arrive. It’s a really fun ice-breaker activity for large groups!

Head out on a family Halloween hunt one October afternoon – pack a picnic (we highly recommend these Spooky Spider Pizzas!) and bring your favorite candy treats or dessert (these Mummy Rice Krispies Treats are always a hit!) before exploring your local neighborhoods looking for items to check off your list!

On Halloween night, bring this scavenger hunt out trick or treating to give the grown-ups something fun and competitive to do while the kids collect candy! It’s one of our favorite Halloween activities!

Close up of Halloween Scavenger Hunt checklist on a purple background

We like to award the scavenger hunt game winner a small prize like a treat bag filled with yummy Halloween goodies or another fun surprise like a Halloween novelty toy or Halloween costume prop.

These are some of my favorite things to use as prizes for Halloween game winners:

Your family and friends will love this Halloween scavenger hunt, and you’ll have a spooky good time playing it this Halloween season!

Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Scavenger Hunt graphic with "How Many Can You Find?" text

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Don’t Forget to Pin this Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Later!

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