Tissue Paper Heart Wreath Valentine's Day Kids Craft

We officially started homeschooling this week, and so far it’s been going really well. I’m sure that we’re probably in the honeymoon phase of everything, but *knock on wood* so far, so good! I told the boys that we would be making at least two art and craft projects a week to go along with our art curriculum, and they were super excited…so excited that they immediately started begging, “Can we do one now? Please? Please? Please?!”

Ever since we made tissue paper wreaths at Christmas, the boys have been talking about making a Valentine’s Day version, so I quickly gathered up some supplies and let them get creative.

Supplies for Making a Tissue Paper Heart Wreath

You Will Need:

  • Heart shaped wreath form – cut from recycled cereal box or chipboard
  • Lots and LOTS of red and pink tissue paper squares
  • White glue
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil with eraser
  • Ribbon or string for hanging
  • Embellishments – pom poms, sequins, etc. (optional)

Making a Tissue Paper Heart WreathUse the paintbrush to spread a small amount of white glue on to a section of the wreath (work on about 1/6 of the wreath at a time). Place the eraser side of the pencil into the center of a tissue paper square, and use the eraser to help place your squares on to the wreath form. Continue to work section by section until the entire wreath form is full and covered.

How to Make a Tissue Paper Heart WreathDepending on the patience level of your children, you may have to take a break or two and come back to your project later. This heart wreath took about a full 40 minutes to cover, so we broke it up into two different crafting sessions.

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath

Kids Making a Valentine CraftAnother alternative is to decorate the small heart (cut from the center of your wreath form) instead. It doesn’t take nearly as long to complete, so it’s perfect for younger or less patient crafters.  (Keepin’ it real with my messy desk and that big ole stack of Amazon boxes here ha!)

Kids Craft - Tissue Paper Heart Valentine's Day WreathFor more fun kid-friendly Valentine’s Day crafts, check out our Conversation Heart Photo Frames and Candy Heart Tree Art!

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  1. I am planning on using this craft with my class (4th grade) and our buddy class (1st grade)! How do you cut the heart? Did you use an exacto knife?

    1. Hi Jennifer! To cut the heart, we folded a sheet of paper in half and cut the outside of the heart, and then we cut a second heart out of the first one that we cut, which left us with the border shape.