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Make your own Personalized Journals using iron-on heat transfer vinyl! It’s SO easy and the customization options are endless! Grab this fun inspirational quote SVG file to make one of your own!

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I’m a huge fan of bullet journaling, and I’m also a huge fan of spreading kindness and inspiration (remember those sweet kindness clips that I shared awhile back?). I decided to combine the two with this pretty personalized journal that I created using foil iron-on. It’s a wonderful reminder that kindness is the most beautiful gift that each and every one of us is able to give to others.

DIY Personalized Journals with Iron-On

To create my personalized journals, I used medium-sized Leuchtturm 1917 hardcover journals along with my “No Beauty Shines Brighter Than That of a Kind Heart” SVG cut file (available below), as well as a “Today is the Day” layered SVG file by Persia Lou.

personalized journal with foil htv and cricut easypress

I started by using my Cricut Maker machine to cut out the designs from chrome foil iron-on and black glitter iron-on and heating my Cricut EasyPress to 240 degrees.

project covered with teflon and cricut easypress

I covered the journal with a protective iron-on sheet and pressed the journal for 30 seconds. I allowed the journal to cool for 2 minutes before pressing for 30 seconds again. Peel off the plastic and repeat the process with the black glitter vinyl.

Note: when using foil iron-on, always allow the iron-on to cool completely before removing the plastic transfer film or the foil will get wrinkled! 

today is the day on notebook

Easy peasy and super cute! This bullet journal is my daily planner and to-do list, so it’s the perfect sentiment to keep me inspired and motivated every day!

inspirational quote on notebook

This journal is filled with my gratitude journaling and affirmations, so I think the cover art fits perfectly! I love the shimmer of the chrome foil paired with the emerald cover!

inspirational notebook or bullet journal

These personalized journals were SO quick and easy to make, and they would make a fantastic DIY gift idea!

Get the SVG File to make your own here!

Pin these personalized journals for later!

personalized journals with iron on vinyl

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    1. Hi Allison, I’m not familiar with the type of material that Creative Memories albums are made from, but heat transfer vinyl works on LOTS of different materials (provided that the base material won’t melt under the heat of the iron/EasyPress!). If the surface is heat-safe, it should work just fine! 🙂

    2. Did you try this on a Creative Memories album? That is a fantastic idea if it works!!! (If it did work, which vinyl/settings did you use?) Thank you!

  1. I am new to Cricut and I came across this post just now. I love journals, and I’d love to personalize one. I have a couple of questions. Why use HTV vs. regular vinyl without heat? Also, when you said you “covered the journal with a protective iron-on sheet and pressed the journal for 30 seconds,” do you mean you placed the protective sheet between the EasyPress and the journal WITH the iron-on “decal” in between or withOUT? I wasn’t sure if you meant that you heated up the surface of the leather (or faux leather) journal first, and then simply placed the iron-on decal design on top of the warmed surface. I assume the first, not the latter, but would like some clarification, please. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jennifer, I apologize for the delayed response! Somehow this comment slipped through the cracks, and I just saw it. I used HTV instead of regular vinyl because it is much more durable. The HTV is nearly indistinguishable from the surface of the journal whereas adhesive vinyl will leave a raised edge (which can snag on things). I always recommend HTV for surfaces that will see a lot of wear and tear (whenever possible!).

      For the EasyPress, it was WITH the iron-on decal in between! 🙂