Printable Halloween Bingo Game Cards

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Use these printable Halloween Bingo Game Cards to play the cutest Halloween game ever! This Halloween Bingo Game is a ton of fun for kids and families! Perfect for classrooms, Scout troops, Halloween parties, Family Game Night, and more!

Halloween Bingo Game
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Halloween Bingo Game Cards

Halloween will be here before you know it, so now’s the time to start planning all of your holiday fun and activities! No-prep Halloween games are one of my favorite Halloween activities because they’re ready-to-go, and they don’t require any special supplies or equipment. Our printable Halloween Bingo Game is perfect for families, classrooms, Halloween parties and more – simply print and play!

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Printable Halloween Bingo Game Cards

printable halloween bingo game

How to Play Halloween Bingo:

  • Print out a Halloween bingo card for each player along with one set of calling cards. Cut out the calling cards and place the cards into a bowl or a hat.
  • Pull one card at a time from the hat/bowl and describe the image to the players before showing them the card. For example, “Bubbling Cauldron” or “Black Cat on a Broomstick.”
Printable Halloween Bingo Game Cards with Candy Corn
  • Cover the corresponding image on the bingo card with a marker (candy corn, pennies, and cereal O’s all make great markers!).
  • To win the game, a player must cover 5 spaces in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and shout out “BINGO!” before any of the other players.
printable halloween bingo printable game

Use our free set of Halloween bingo cards to play with your friends and family! The free set of six cards is the perfect size for most families and small groups, but if you need larger quantities, we have upgrades available in the shop! The upgraded card sets come in bundles of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 50 cards, so there’s something for groups of all sizes!

Note: the bingo cards in the free 6-card set are different than the upgraded sets listed in the shop. If you need 15 cards, for example, you may download the free set and then purchase a 10-card upgrade for a total of 16 unique cards! 

printable halloween bingo game for kids

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If you need more than six Halloween Bingo cards, get the upgraded quantities here: 

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Don’t Forget to Pin these Halloween Bingo Cards for Later!

halloween bingo game for adults and kids
printable halloween bingo game
printable halloween bingo game
printable halloween bingo cards


  1. Hi…I am trying unsuccessfully to download some of your amazing Halleen printables. The instructions say to enter my name & e mail then click on the “get it now” buntton….but I can not find this. Can you help???

    1. Hi Chris, our site is currently receiving a heavy amount of traffic, so the download forms have been a little slow to load. Please allow the page to fully load (this can take up to 2 minutes during heavy traffic times), and you will see the form. If you still do not see the forms after that amount of time, try using another browser or switching to a different device. I sent you the bingo cards already, but for all other printables, look for the form that looks like this in each of the posts. 🙂

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