These festive red, white and blue 4th of July mantel decorations are quick, easy and inexpensive (the trifecta of awesome holiday decorating!)! 

Foil Pledge of Allegiance PrintableThis post may contain affiliate linksIf you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this photo that I teased as I was decorating our mantel for 4th of July over the weekend. I used my Minc Foil Applicator machine to turn this rad Pledge of Allegiance printable from Seven Thirty Three into a multi-color holiday decor piece, and I couldn’t be more excited with how awesome it turned out!

Dollar Tree 4th of July DecorationsI stopped by Dollar Tree and picked up a few a bunch of fun 4th of July goodies to decorate our home. Gotta love ready-made banners, flags, garlands, balloons and cupcake kits for only $1! I decided to use a few items for my mantel decor, and the rest will be used to decorate the house and yard on the 4th.

4th of July Paper Fans from Dollar TreeI’m head over heels for these patriotic paper fans! These came in a 2-pack (10″ and 14″) for only $1, and I simply unfolded them, taped them together and hung them from the mantel. Easy peasy (and super inexpensive!)!

diy 4th of july decorations for mantelThis entire mantel only took me about 5 minutes to put together! Sure, it’s not fancy, but it gives the room the festive holiday feel that I was looking for. I added the red, white and blue jar lanterns that my boys made, and I left a little bit of empty space to display the new patriotic crafts that they’re sure to make this year as well. I debated adding glitter vinyl fireworks to the vintage window panes like I did last year, but I decided to leave it blank for now in case the boys come up with their own creative way to fill that space.

4th of July Countdown ClockThe countdown is on! (Psst…I took this photo on Saturday, so there are really only 25 days left now!)  

Metallic Foil Pledge of AllegianceI wish these photos could accurately depict how awesomely shiny this foil Pledge of Allegiance print really is, but they just don’t do it justice! I used the multi-colored foil print technique from Persia Lou, and it shimmers and shines like crazy! I promise to work on my foil photography skills before I share my next holiday-themed foil project next week! 😉

Quick 4th of July MantelBring on the parades and fireworks! Do you decorate for 4th of July? What are your favorite quick & easy ways to decorate your mantel for the holidays?

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  1. So cute! I love it all. My kids would go crazy for that countdown clock. Thanks for the shout out on the foil print! I love how it turned out! And, yeah, it is not the easiest photographing those!