diy suncatcher for the new year

What a perfect way to bring some sunlight and sparkle into the new year! I saw this posted over at Funny Days With Mommy & Maddie this morning, and I immediately knew that this would be a huge hit with the boys (thanks Amanda!).

cut out year \"2011\" on cutting mat with Xacto knife and scrap papers
I started by printing “2011” onto a piece of colored cardstock and cutting out the shapes with my Xacto knife. Be sure to save the center of the 0 for reassembly later. If you don’t want to waste time choosing a font and sizing it, I made a template that you can download and print HERE.

child picking embellishments for design
I gave each boy a piece of Contac paper, and they meticulously covered it with sparkly sequins and confetti.

sparkles and glitter added to clear paper
top it off with a sprinkling of glitter…

small boy enjoying glitter and sparkles on paper
…or, if you’re like this guy, a rather generous pile of glitter!

year \"2011\" with sparkles shining through numbers
You can attach the sparkled Contac paper directly to your cutout cardstock, but since we ended up with soooo much glitter I opted to sandwich the sparkles between two sheets of Contac paper. I then attached it to the back of the cardstock with double stick tape and used the tape to reattch the center of the zero.

completed 2011 suncatchers hanging in window
Easy peasy New Years decorations! Happy 2011!
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    1. Where did you get your numbers and make them look so great. I want to do this with my preschoolers in y classroom.

      1. Hi Jonetta! I printed the numbers out on a sheet of computer paper, then laid it on top of the colored paper, and cut the numbers out with an Xacto knife. 🙂