The Thankful Tree

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kids craft for fall , thankful tree activity

With our newborn taking up lots of my time and attention, the big boys have been allowed to watch a bit more television these days, and they’ve been begging me to add EVERY toy that they see on commercials to their holiday wish lists. I decided that it was time for a shift in their focus, so we created our Thankful Tree (perfect for Thanksgiving too!).

They cut out the branches out of 12×18 construction paper, and I assembled them into a tree form and cut out a bunch of leaves for our thank you notes. I didn’t get a full wall shot, but the finished product is an impressive 3 feet tall! Every day we’ve been coming up with at least one new thing that we’re thankful for (Sutton likes to add at least 2-3). Though it hasn’t curbed their cries of “I want that!” whenever a Hot Wheels commercial comes on, it has definitely shifted their attitude to one of gratitude. Several times over the weekend they stopped whatever they were doing to tell me that they had something to add to the Thankful Tree. This is a great activity, especially at this time of year, and the results can be pretty humorous!

easy kids craft tree of thanks
We’re thankful for many things including hugs (Mommy), football (Daddy), our refrigerator (3-year-old), sugar (the 4-year-old, right after eating some Halloween candy), and the Thankful Tree itself (3-year-old again). Of course, we’re also thankful for family, friends, and all of our toys, but those aren’t nearly as funny 🙂


  1. I love it – using something like this at home. I have done this very same thing in my JK classroom, and it looks awesome! We use handprints as leaves (in fall colours) and use it around Thanksgiving time (Oct here in Canada). 🙂

    Way to go – love yours so much!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I love the concept of reminding the kids what they have to be thankful for. I’m including this in my Friday Favorites tomorrow!

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