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Valentine's chocolate sticks6

Valentine’s Day and chocolate…the one doesn’t go without the other. Well actually… of course we like our chocolate every day, but we like it even more on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's chocolate sticks3

Here’s a nice and easy DIY: a sweet way to surprise your Valentine or a loved one. Make your own Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Sticks! Get comfy on your couch – or in your bed for that matter – with a big cup of hot milk, and stir these sticks through.

Valentine's chocolate sticks4

What you’ll need:

Good quality chocolate: Pure, milk or white
Heart shaped chocolates for decorations
Wooden sticks
Silicone molds

Valentine's chocolate sticks2 (2)

Here’s how to:

Melt your chocolate au bain marie. Heat it until about 3/4 part is melted, take away from the heat and stir through.
Pour the melted chocolate in the silicone molds, place the wooden sticks in the middle and let it set a little. Once the chocolate is set a bit, place the heart shaped chocolates on top.

valentines day hot chocolate sticksWrap these Hot Chocolate Sticks in some transparent wrapping paper, surprise your Valentine, and enjoy your hot chocolate together!

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