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Check out our favorite family board games for a night filled with family fun! We’ve included the best family board games from sitting and strategizing to moving around the room with motions, singing, and dancing. Here’s a list of our favorite family board games for family fun for all ages!

15 of the best family board games

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Now that my boys are getting older, it’s becoming even more important to me to prioritize family time. It seems like our schedules are crazier than ever with sports, school, and extracurricular activities.

One way that we like to come together and hang out as a group is through playing games together.

Board game night at our house means everyone is gathered around the table. We aren’t looking at our phones or hanging out in separate rooms. We spend quality time together laughing, playing, and competing for the winning title!

Here are some of the best family board games that we like to pull out for family game night. Some of these are ones that are great now that my boys are a little older, and some of them are classics that we loved to play when they were younger. No matter how old your kids are, I hope you can find a few board games that are perfect to play with your family!

Best Family Board Games

telestrations drawing game for families


This game is perfect for all ages, as long as you can hold a pen! Telestrations is a combination of the classic game of telephone and Pictionary combined. It will have your whole family in stitches laughing as you flip through the different pictures and guesses!

charades for kids easy kids game

Charades for Kids

Charades for Kids has a picture on each card for team members to act it out, so no reading is required to play! Get kids moving around the room as they act out clues. Players will have to hurry and guess it before the time runs out.

catan the resource management game


This wildly popular game will teach older kids to build a civilization that they can take their settlers safely across. Each time you play Catan it becomes a different mix of forests, mountains, hills, and deserts, meaning you can play again and again without tiring of it.

monopoly deal game for families

Monopoly Deal

Everyone’s favorite board game in a more compact form! Monopoly Deal is a smaller and quicker version of the classic Monopoly game. Players will get competitive as they earn, swap, and steal from other players to try and build their empire.

ticket to ride best selling family games

Ticket to Ride

This fast-paced game has players compete to connect cities across the U.S. Ticket to Ride is quick to learn and will get all ages involved in a cross country adventure! This one is a household favorite!

double ditto word game for kids and adults

Double Ditto

Double Ditto is a simple and fun game for the whole family to play. Recommended for ages 10 and up, but younger players can play with a little help. More than 10 people can play if you want to bring this to an extended family game night!

pie face hilarious kids games

Pie Face

Try to avoid getting pied in this hilarious game that is perfect for kids and adults! With Pie Face, no strategy needed—just a little luck and risk taking involved in this messy game that will have the whole family laughing!

exploding kittens funny game for kids and adults

Exploding Kittens

Think of Exploding Kittens as a fun and colorful game of Russian Roulette. Players will choose cards, hoping to avoid the “Exploding Kitten” card. Be the last one standing and you win the game. Along the way there’s plenty of room for strategy, revenge, and fun! This is another one that always brings LOTS of laughs to the table!

google eyes game for kids and adults

Googly Eyes

See how well you can draw with distorted vision! Players will have to guess what you’re drawing—even though you won’t be able to see much, or at all. Googly Eyes is easy to learn and quick to play. It’s perfect to squeeze some family time in during the week!

mouse trap family board game

Mouse Trap

Players will scurry to the finish in this classic board game. Build a better mouse trap and avoid getting trapped to be crowned the winner! Mouse Trap is great for little builders and encourages fine motor skills and family fun simultaneously!

spontuneous singing family game


No talent is needed to sing it out with the Spontuneous family board game. Someone says a word and it’s a race to sing a song with that word in it. This game will get the whole family to break out in song!

pictopia disney trivia game


Disney lovers rejoice! Bring your favorite Disney characters into family game night with Pictopia, a picture Trivia game based on all things Disney. Even the most devoted Disney fans will be challenged with questions related to Disney movies, theme parks, history, and more.

kids against maturity hilarious card game

Kids Against Maturity

You may have heard of Cards Against Humanity. This is a younger spin on that hilarious game with age-appropriate toilet humor and innocent innuendos. Kids Against Maturity will bring your family together with this fill-in-the-blank game to get everyone laughing.

uno classic family card game


The classic card game that you can take with you. You can bring UNO to play while on vacation or keep it handy to play after dinner. This strategic game is perfect for adults, teens, and kids, and never gets old!

pandemic best family board game


This non-traditional family board game has players work together to keep the world safe from disease outbreaks. In Pandemic, players must cooperate to work against the clock and save the world in this game that you’ll want to play over and over again.

I can’t wait to play some of these with my family this weekend! Do you have any favorite board games that your family loves? Leave a comment below and I can update this list!

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15 best family board games
15 of the best family board games
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