These awesome DIY buffalo check plaid holiday pillow covers are made from a $3 Target Dollar Spot blanket, and they only take 10 minutes to make!

red buffalo check plaid pillow on couch

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A couple of weeks ago I started seeing lots of photos like this popping up across social media. Target had finally stocked their holiday Dollar Spot items, and since they managed to perfectly nail all of the hot holiday trends, everything was selling out like hotcakes! I was daydreaming about ALL of these awesome holiday pillows, but despite visiting every Target within a 25-mile radius (and then some!), I was never able to get my hands on a single pillow.  So, I grabbed the next best thing and decided to get creative!

Buffalo Check Plaid Blanket from Target Dollar SpotI picked up a few of these buffalo check plaid fleece blankets from the Dollar Spot for $3 each, and decided to turn them into festive pillow covers. Each blanket is the perfect size to make two 18″ square pillow covers, so they only cost $1.50 each!

Note: if Target does not currently have these blankets in their Dollar Spot section, you can pick up 1.25 yards of Buffalo Check Fleece from JoAnn or snag this fleece blanket from Amazon. They cost a bit more, but they’re still VERY inexpensive, especially because you can get at least 3 pillow covers out of each of these! 

How to Cut a Target Blanket to Make Pillow Covers

The blanket measures 37.5″ x 39″, so it’s just slightly off-square. Find the longer edge, and cut the blanket in half as shown above (cut on the white dashed line).

Turning a Target Blanket into Holiday Pillow CoversI used this tutorial from A Curiously Chic Life to create my envelope-style pillow covers. The short ends of the blanket are already finished with a black blanket stitch, so I only needed to sew two quick seams for each pillow cover – easy peasy! (Note: the length of the blanket only allows for a 2″-3″ overhang at the envelope closure instead of the 4″ recommended in the tutorial.)

How to Make Pillow Covers from a Fleece BlanketWhen I say that these pillows were super duper easy, I’m not exaggerating! It took me exactly ten minutes from start-to-finish to make TWO pillow covers! Cut once, pin, and sew four quick straight lines – done!

10-Minute Buffalo Check Plaid Pillows from a Target Dollar Spot BlanketI filled the pillow covers with 18″ down inserts from Ikea, and they fit perfectly!

Buffalo Check Plaid Pillow Covers from a Target Dollar Spot BlanketThis is what the envelope-style closure looks like on the back side of the pillow. I’m totally loving that I still get to see some of the cute black blanket stitch detail from the original blanket!  My boys tend to be rough on our pillows, so I hand stitched an invisible running stitch in the center 3″ of the envelope flap (just to make sure that it doesn’t come open during their next pillow fight!).

Buffalo Check Plaid Holiday Pillow from a Target Dollar Spot BlanketI’m debating adding white deer head silhouettes like the original Target inspiration pillow, but I’m also kind of loving them simple and plain just like this. What do you think? You can’t beat two new buffalo check plaid holiday pillows for only $3 and ten minutes of time!

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Turn a Three Dollar Target Blanket into Festive Holiday Pillows

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  1. I did this same thing…..for my pillow inserts I used the pillows I already had on my couch.

    This year I am making new fleece covers.

    I have used this method to make covers for other times of the year. It’s inexpensive and easy decor.

  2. I really like that you didn’t add the applique [you asked what we thought]. It allows them to be used during more than just one season. They turned out great, makes me want to try.

  3. Love your pillows it helps that it is so easy to sew in your post re purple lantern did you have to cover the glass? Thanks

  4. Cute … I have been making my pillow covers from Christmas plaid and solid red napkins . ( be sure it is Christmas red)
    they sit on our bed with a 3 fit snow white teddy bear wearing a Santa hat. makes us smile everytime we enter the room!

  5. Thanks so much for this DIY. I made them in 10 minutes and I am a beginner in sewing. Your instructions were awesome…

  6. Wow……the pillow is just awesome. This is really very easy that’s why, looking forward to making this. Thanks a lot for sharing such a tutorial.

  7. Thank you for this tutorial. I’m not a ‘happy’ sewer, meaning I can sew, but it’s not my favorite thing. I recently purchased some buffalo plaid for pillow covers, and in trying to figure out how to make them without resorting to zippers, velcro, or buttons, hubby suggested envelopes.

    Okie dokie. Sounds easy enough. But then I panicked. lol Having this in front of me as I sew will makes things much easier. 😉

  8. Hello! Love the tutorial! However, if you cut a blanket down the center than you only have one edge that’s finished-correct? What do you do with the other side that doesn’t have a blanket stitch?

    1. Hi Caitlynn,

      Yes, you are correct that you will end up with only one blanket seam which will be the top edge of your envelope enclosure. I left the other edge raw because I was working with limited length in the fabric – fleece doesn’t fray, and it will be neatly covered over by the side with the blanket stitch.

  9. You’re so creative its ridiculous!!! Love your blog/tutorials/ideas! BTW that list of 100 boy approved movies is legit!!! My 7 month old is set for life! haha! Enjoy the rest of your day and keep on creating!!!

  10. Love this! It looks so easy that I think I can do it! I have some pillows that are in good condition, but don’t match our updated remodel of our great room. So, I know what I am doing this weekend! Thanks for sharing!