The Cheapest and Easiest Halloween Decorations EVERThese Jack O’Lantern porch lights are seriously the easiest and cheapest Halloween decorations EVER! All it takes is $1 and about 3 minutes of time (oh, and some wire or zip ties, too!).

Quick Halloween Decoration - Pumpkin Porch LightsStart with a plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin pail, and use a utility knife to cut off a portion of the back half. How much to cut and the shape to cut will be dependent on the shape/size of your lights.

Halloween Pumpkin Porch Light DaytimeSlip the pumpkin over the front of your light and use a zip tie or wire through the handle holes to attach it. They look adorable during the day…

Halloween Plastic Pumpkin Porch Lantern Lights…but they really come to life at night!

halloween pumpkin lantern porch light cover lit upBIG impact for minimal effort – just the way I like it! 🙂

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  1. This is cool Heidi. I know nothing when it comes to decorating the house on Halloween. But this one for me is doable.