Easy Snowman Holiday Decoration

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This adorable snowman is the perfect addition to your holiday decor, and it can be decorated in SO many different ways! Fun and easy Christmas craft for all ages! 

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A couple of weeks ago, I was challenged by Make It Fun Crafts to draw inspiration from the projects in their Holiday e-Book and create my own version of one of the crafts. The Holiday e-Book is packed full of awesome holiday ideas and home decor, so I was having a hard time deciding which craft I wanted to recreate…until I saw this one.

cute diy floracraft snowman winter craft decorationsAs soon as I saw this adorable snowman (made with silk flowers!) in the Make It Fun Crafts Holiday e-Book, I suddenly needed to add a cute snowman to my holiday decor this year!

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What You’ll Need:

Covering Foam Balls with Textured Smooth FinishFlatten the bottom section of both of the foam balls, and insert 2″ of the wooden dowel into the center of the flattened section of the smaller ball. Cover both of the balls in an imperfectly textured layer of FloraCraft Smooth Finish (I used a pottery scraper to apply my Smooth Finish, but a plastic knife also works well). Allow to dry completely. Add a layer of Diamond Dust glitter if desired.

Making a Snowman from Foam BallsI used a sparkly holiday sock from the dollar store to make the snowman’s cute beanie hat. Stretch the ankle of the sock over the snowman’s head, tie a piece of twine tightly around the sock to create the top of the hat, and cut off the excess sock, leaving approximately 1.5″ remaining. To create the pom pom on top of the hat, cut thin strips of fringe into the remaining 1.5″ of sock.

How to Make a Foam Ball SnowmanJoin the two snowballs with the wooden dowel.

Make Your Own Holiday Snowman Decoration from Foam BallsEasy peasy! Now it’s time for the super fun party – decorating the snowman!

How to Make a Snowman from Styrofoam BallsI’ve been hoarding this vintage holiday bias tape for a couple of years, so I decided this was a great time to use a small piece for the snowman’s scarf. Ribbon, yarn, and fabric would all make great scarves as well, or you could even knit your snowman a mini scarf!

Styrofoam Ball SnowmanMy five-year-old son used polymer clay to create a carrot nose for our snowman that is perfectly imperfect. We attached the nose with a low temperature glue gun, and we used sewing pins to attach the buttons for the smile and on the front of the snowman.

Christmas Snowman from Floracraft FoamI used a paper straw and scraps of red felt to create the arms and mittens, and I melted two black pony beads (using this method) for the eyes.

Christmas Snowman Decoration CraftIsn’t he cute?! Our family is currently debating whether or not they want me to add Diamond Dust glitter to our snowman (my husband says, “Yes, definitely!” and the kids say, “Nooooo!”). I’m pretty sure that he’s going to get Diamond Dusted though, because, glitter.

Holiday Snowman from Floracraft Foam BallsFor more fun and easy holiday projects, be sure to check out the Make It Fun Crafts Holiday e-Book!

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  1. I used to keep the ornament boxes, but it gets kind of overwhelming after 17+ years of ornament collecting ???? The only ornaments I keep in the original boxes are the hand blown glass ornaments and the expensive glass ones. I wrap everything else in tissue and pack in plastic storage containers.

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