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Check out our favorite craft room organization, storage, and furniture pieces! Plus, get craft room décor resources and other craft room ideas!

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organized office desk space with cricut design space open on laptop

Craft Room Organization Ideas

Welcome to our new craft studio! I pinky promise that we will be sharing a FULL in-depth craft room tour VERY soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to share some resources for everyone who has been asking about where to purchase the different items that they have seen in our studio sneak peeks.

Below, you can find links to all of the exact same products that we use in our craft studio including craft room organization and storage, furniture, and décor!

office desk space with craft materials in drawers organized

Craft Room Furniture

dreambox open showing all the craft materials you can fit in it

Our DreamBox is the largest piece of furniture in our craft room space. It holds a TON of our supplies and materials, and it can be closed up into a nice and tidy cabinet when it’s not in use!

heidi from happiness is homemade sits down at dreambox fold out work space

You can read our full DreamBox review and details here, plus, get a coupon code that will save you $100 on a DreamBox of your own!

office desk space with cricut design space open on laptop

My awesome work desk was built from two Modular Mobile Pieces from Michaels – a Modular Mobile Chest (with drawers) and a Modular Mobile Panel Tower (with extra shelves) – along with a Modular Half-Cube Shelf to make them the same height. I topped them off with a Modular Table Top and voilà, a super functional work station with TONS of incredible storage!

cricut machine open in office space

My Simply Tidy Workstation is the perfect fit for my Cricut machines! My Maker 3 rests on the handy pull-out tray, the Large EasyPress fits perfectly on the shelf below, and my oversized large pressing mat stores nicely inside the drawers along with lots of boxes of Smart Vinyl.

heidi from happiness is homemade using cricut tools

When I’m done cutting a project on the Maker, I can slide the machine tray back in and fold the tabletop back down to create an ideally sized work surface for weeding and pressing!

Bonus: My Lexington Carts (in white, coral, and berry) tuck away nicely underneath the table surfaces, and ALL of the pieces are on wheels, so I can move everything around the studio as needed!

office desk space organized craft materials in view

Even the desk is on wheels! (You can get the wheel-less Eiffel Chair here)

heidi from happiness is homemade cutting material on dream cart

I don’t have a photo of the DreamCart in our new studio yet, but we are making great use of it in the new space, too! It’s especially great to pop open when the kids come over after school and want to hang out in a work space of their own!

You can read our full DreamCart Review here!

create room cubby stocked with craft materials

We also recently added the CreateRoom Cubby to our furniture collection as well! Check out this video to see just how much this small-but-mighty storage piece holds!

Craft Room Storage

studio paint storage drawer open revealing organized paints

Aside from the larger furniture pieces, we have LOTS of smaller organization and storage in our studio as well! I love this Modular Storage Drawer for holding all of my craft paints!

studio tool carousel with craft tools

One of my very favorite storage and organization pieces is this Simply Tidy Desktop Carousel – it holds SO much! I keep most of my Cricut tools in the caddy along with scissors, notepads, washi tape, glues, and three different sets of pens (I spy around 30 Flare markers just in one tiny section there!)!

studio carousel organizer on table

The Modular Mobile Panel Tower (with extra shelves) that I used to create my desk can also be used as a standalone piece of furniture, too. It’s a fantastic solution for storing cardstock and other papers, and it also fits my medium-sized EasyPress mat perfectly!

studio desk with paper storage

I use 12×12 Scrapbook Cases to store all of my paper, vinyl, and iron-on scrap pieces, and I love how easy it is to open and close them to add new pieces or dig through my stash for the perfect piece!

Bonus: the Scrapbook Cases are also available in a Michaels Pro Pack at a bulk discount if you need a bunch to organize your space!

studio drawer organizers with craft materials sorted

I use matching Simply Tidy Divider Trays inside of my desk drawers to organize all of my stickers and smaller items from our shop. They’re the perfect size!

office desk space organized craft materials in view
studio vinyl rolling cart with vinyl stocked

This 10-Drawer Rolling Cart is great for holding rolls of vinyl or iron-on (and it’s also available in mint green or rainbow colors if that’s more your style!).

tub of markers in organizers

We’ve previously talked about just how much can be stored in the DreamBox and DreamCart‘s InView Totes

opening drawer organizers
divi drawer dividers with art supplies

…and Create Room’s new DiviDrawers offer even more storage and organization solutions with their customizable interior dividers! The DiviDrawers come in three different sizes that can be used in the DreamBox, DreamCart, Create Room Cubby, or separately with other storage furniture pieces.

Craft Room Décor

heidi from happiness is homemade in front of desk

Our AMAZING accent wall mural (😍😍😍😍😍) is from artist Morgan Harper Nichols and is available on Society 6. Morgan is one of my favorites, and she has a TON of incredible murals available! (We also have this one ready to be hung up in our secondary private office space!)

We will have lots more resources to share with you after our full studio tour (coming soon!), so be sure to pin this post and check back later!

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Don’t Forget to Pin These Craft Room Organization Ideas for Later!

the very best craft room organization
craft room organization ideas for storage furniture

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