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Meet the brand new DreamCart by Create Room (formerly The Original Scrapbox)! The DreamCart is the perfect companion to your DreamBox and it also works great as a stand-alone crafting station! Get all the details plus a discount coupon code below! 

heidi from happiness is homemade utilizing dream cart table This post may contain affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from these sales at no additional cost to you! This post was written in partnership with The Original Scrapbox.

Meet The DreamCart by The Original Scrapbox

Today is a super exciting day! Today the all new (and totally awesome!) DreamCart by The Original Scrapbox is launching! I was one of the lucky few who had the opportunity to try out the DreamCart before the launch, and I am super excited to share all of the details (and a SMOKIN’ hot deal!) with you today! 

office and desk with party and craft materialsThe DreamCart is one of those things that I never knew I needed in my craft room, but now that I have one, I can’t believe we ever lived without it! It’s already been a HUGE asset to our craft room, and I LOVE the versatility of it! 

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cute desk and organized shelvesThe DreamCart is available in two options, with one or two leaves, and each leaf can be folded down flat against the cart when it’s not in use. The folding leaves and caster wheels make it super quick and easy to set up the DreamCart and also to compactly tuck it away when necessary. 

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dream cart in front of the dream box The DreamCart has nearly endless uses, so we decided to put it to the test in various scenarios as both a stand-alone unit and as part of our DreamBox work station. 

dreambox and dreamcart displayed with craft materialsI have been having SO much fun with my new DreamBox, (I can’t wait to share my experience with you – it’s coming soon!), so I couldn’t wait to try out the combination of the DreamBox and DreamCart together! The DreamCart fits right alongside your DreamBox to greatly increase the work surface area, and it gives you a TON of extra space to play with! 

fully assembled dream box with dream cart leaf downOf course, you can also drop a leaf down if you’d prefer just a little more space as well!

heidi working at her dream cart next to dreamboxI had TONS of room to spread out all of my supplies while crafting some paper projects for Happiness is Homemade. 

woman using dream cart while cutting materialsYou can also use the DreamCart on its own, and I discovered that it makes a fantastic work surface for cutting fabric! 

dreamcart with dreambox featured togetherThere are SO many great uses for the DreamCart, but from the beginning, I knew that our DreamCart was destined to be a crafting station for my kiddos. They love being creative and making things (I wonder where they get that from!), and the DreamCart gives them their own organized space for crafting while I work at the DreamBox

chairs sat at kids craft station

children using the dreamcart and mom using dreambox to craftWe’ve been using it almost every day now, and they LOVE it! 

kids playing at dreamcart and using craft materials

kids smiling while using dreamcart for craftsThere’s plenty of room for the kids to spread out all of their favorite supplies, and it’s super easy to swap out the bins whenever they want to start a different kind of project. (Bonus: the bins are also interchangeable with the DreamBox!)

organized craft materials and markersThe DreamCart comes with 8 deep acrylic totes and 5 shallow totes that are perfect for holding all of your supplies. The deep totes are great for markers, craft sticks, glue, and SO much more; the shallow totes are perfectly sized to neatly hold 12×12 paper, watercolor paints, and other large supplies. Each deep tote also comes with removable dividers so you can customize your storage options even further. 

tub of perler beads and materialsI love that the dividers allow me to section each tote to hold all of the related supplies together in one place! 

kids playing and mom working together in dreambox and dreamcart I’ve been cherishing these sweet moments where everyone is in their own creative zone, but we’re also able to enjoy each other’s company at the same time. The DreamCart is a wonderful way to bring the family together for some quality time! 

family working together on craftsThe combination of the DreamBox and the DreamCart is a great way for our family to craft and get creative together in the same space! Of course, when the kids aren’t around, I’m sure I’ll find LOTS of ways that I can use it on my own as well! 😉 

dreamcart with dreambox featured togetherBecause the DreamCart and the DreamBox fold up so nicely and compactly, we can go from this setup…

dream cart and dreambox closed against wall…to this one in a matter of minutes! The transformation is pretty incredible! two leaf dimensions shownWe have the two-leaf DreamCart, and I can’t recommend it highly enough! It really has been a total game-changer for us! If you’re trying to decide between the one-leaf and two-leaf versions, here are some dimensions to help make your decision easier! 

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We have some SUPER HOT deals on the DreamCart and the DreamBox for you today! To celebrate the launch of the DreamCart, The Original Scrapbox is offering a FREE $100 bonus accessory package to the first 100 people who purchase a DreamCart!

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buy the dreamcart and the dreambox and get $100 offThe Original Scrapbox is also offering $100 off if you purchase the DreamBox and DreamCart combo, and you can save an additional $100 with the discount code HAPPINESS at checkout. That’s a $200 savings!

We are head over heels for our DreamCart, and we know that you’re going to fall in love with it, too! We’d love to know what you would use yours for – let us know in the comments below! 

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    1. Hi Lynn, you can find this information on the FAQ page here.

      “Q. What Type of Wood Do You Use for Your Furniture? A. Our USA factory uses CARB (California Air Resource Board) approved 3/4″ manufactured wood with a melamine finish. No added formaldehyde. Using manufactured wood with melamine finish is very important to prevent warping and any panel size changes. For the many shelves we use, the main structure needs to be exact to secure a tight fit. Humid weather and other weather changes won’t affect the shape of our furniture, similar to modern kitchen cabinets. The melamine finish is very easy to clean after crafting! Use Windex and a soft cloth to wipe away dirt and finger prints. Our USA factory manufactures doors from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).”