Creative & Easy Gift Wrapping With Duck Tape®

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cute duck tape wrapped gifts for christmaspin it graphic from pinterest

Last year I wrapped all of our holiday gifts in simple white paper and tied them up with patterned grosgrain ribbons. While I loved the way the presents looked, the cost of yard and yards of ribbon added up to quite a lot of money, and  I found myself scrambling around on Christmas morning trying to stop my boys from throwing all of my ribbon away with the discarded and crumpled wrapping paper.

This year I discovered a fantastic way to replicate that same look for a small fraction of the cost by using holiday patterned Duck® Brand Duck® Tape! 

duck tape in christmas colors and patterns
Duck Tape® comes in so many fun colors and patterns these days, and their holiday collection is very similar to the patterned ribbons that I used last year. As soon as I saw these cheery colors I knew that I wanted to use them to adorn my gift boxes.

duck tape made into diy bow for christmas presents
I have previously used recycled magazine to make homemade gift bows, so I applied the same methods to creating these fun (and durable!) Duck Tape® bows.

step 2 of making duck tape gift wrap
1) Start by cutting strips of Duck Tape® that are around 8″ long. You will need 4-8 strips per bow depending on the fullness desired.
2) Fold each strip in half lengthwise.
3) Fold each strip in half again to find the center.

steps 5-8 of making duck tape bow demonstrated
5) Take one end of the strip and fold it into the center as shown.
6) Repeat with the opposite end of the strip, making sure that both ends overlap in the middle.
7) Use an Xacto knife to cut a small X in the center of the overlapped area. You won’t need the pin for yours…I just needed an extra hand 😉
8) Can you see the X?

steps 9-12 of making christmas bow demonstrated in collage photo
9) Insert a brad through the X.
10) Repeat steps 1-7 for a second strip. Layer the second strip on to the brad perpendicular to the first strip.
11) & 12) Continue layering strips until your bow reaches the desired fullness. Photo #11 shows a bow made from 4 strips and photo #12 shows 8 strips.

homemade bows made from duck tape
Making these bows is totally addictive, and since they come together in just a few minutes, I can guarantee that you’re going to want to make lots and LOTS of them!

homemade bows used to wrap christmas presents
I used Duck Tape® instead of ribbons on my gift packages as well. I love the extra pop of color and personality that it adds to my presents, and it is SO much easier than all those tangled ribbons that I had to cut and tie last year! I think I’ve found a new holiday tradition with Duck® Brand gift wrapping!

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