DIY “Sunday Funday” Shirt + Free SVG File

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Make this easy DIY Sunday Funday Shirt with our free SVG file, and then add texture, color, and detail with a few basic embroidery stitches. Such a fun idea! 

sunday funday svg file on black shirt

This post may contain affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from these sales at no additional cost to you!

This DIY Sunday Funday shirt is perfect for Sunday brunch, girls’ day out, or just snuggling up on the couch to watch football! Download our free SVG file to use with your Cricut cutting machine (or other brand) for a quick and easy do-it-yourself fashion idea!

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cricut supplies for making sunday funday shirt

Start by cutting out the “Sunday Funday” SVG file with your Cricut Maker and white glitter iron-on. Don’t forget to mirror the image before you cut it!

sunday funday svg design being weeded

Use the weeding tool to weed the excess vinyl.

sunday funday weeded design laid on top of black shirt

Then, it’s time for the fun part! I can’t even properly tell you how much I LOVE my new Cricut EasyPress! Like, seriously, totally head over heels for this amazing tool!

heat map of regular iron and cricut easypress2

That right there is a thermal image of the heat distribution of a traditional iron vs. the EasyPress. As you can see, the iron varies by up to TWO HUNDRED degrees in places! This temperature variation is what leads to lots of failed iron-on vinyl projects, and it also leads to projects that don’t hold up well in the washing machine. These challenges turn a lot of people off of doing heat transfer vinyl projects…or else they shell out the big bucks for a large (and rather dangerous!) commercial heat press.

Now, look at the thermal image of the EasyPress. The entire 9″ x 9″ surface plate experiences less than TEN DEGREE temperature variance. WOW! I have to admit that I was one of those people who tended to shy away from iron-on projects because of past craft fails, but the EasyPress has been a total game-changer! I made nearly a dozen shirts in the first week that I got it, and they have held up beautifully in the wash!

cricut easypress pressing shirt design

To make your shirt, consult the time/temperature guide and set your EasyPress to the appropriate settings. Once it has heated up (it only takes a couple of minutes!), simply use light pressure to hold the Easy Press over your design for the recommended amount of time. For larger designs like this one, press the garment in multiple sections.

peeling transfer paper off of finished shirt design

Peel back the plastic cover, and that’s it – easy peasy!

sunday funday shirt and cricut easypress
sunday funday with embroidery string

You could leave your shirt as-is, but I wanted to add some pops of color, so I gathered up a bright array of embroidery thread and an embroidery needle.

embroidering inside of letters of sunday funday

Working in sections, secure the fabric in an embroidery hoop, and fill each letter with a basic backstitch.

embroidered sunday funday shirt design

Now, I may possibly be the slowest stitcher in the world, but it took me an entire Pirates of the Caribbean movie to complete all of the embroidered detail. It might take you a lot less time, though!

sunday funday embroidered shirt
sunday funday shirt and stylized accessories

Seriously dying over how super cute this turned out!

sunday funday shirt with fun jewelry

Now Sunday just needs to hurry up and come back around so that I can wear my new soon-to-be-favorite sweatshirt!

Download the Sunday Funday SVG File

sunday funday svg file

To get the Sunday Funday SVG File, enter your name and email address into the form below and click the “Get It Now!” button!

File is for Personal Use Only! Read our full license terms here.

Image of text that says Heidi

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sunday funday free svg cut file


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