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These awesome DIY glitter pens can be made in under 10 minutes! A fantastic homemade gift idea that can be personalized with your favorite color combinations! 

DIY glitter pens and stationary

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Quick and easy craft ideas are TOTALLY my jam, so I love, love, LOVE Craft Lightning – craft projects that can be made in under 15 minutes! This month’s Craft Lightning theme is glitter, so I whipped up these gorgeous and super sparkly glitter pens in just around 10 minutes! 

Customize your glitter pens with your favorite glitter colors and textures for an easy and inexpensive homemade gift idea! 

materials needed for making glitter pens

How to Make Glitter Pens

What You’ll Need: 

First, combine 1/3 cup hot water with 1 Tbsp of Clear Elmer’s Glue. Stir until all of the glue has dissolved and combined with the water. 

Note: Based off of recommendations, I tested several different types of liquids inside of the pens including contact solution (result: the glitter moved too quickly) and several different ratios of glycerin + water (results: the glitter either moved too slowly/hardly at all or the glitter floated to the top of the barrel), and found that the above ratio of clear glue and water provided the very best results. 

glitter in plastic cup and pen disassembled

Pour a small amount of the glue/water mixture into a small plastic cup and add 3 micro-scoops of your favorite glitters. 

glitter solution being mixed with stick

Use a stir stick to mix the glitter into the liquid. 

pouring glitter mixture in pen casing

Working quickly, before any heavier glitters settle, carefully squeeze the plastic cup into a spout and pour the glitter and liquid mixture into the barrel of the pen. 

pen top upside down with glitter mixture inside

I like to fill the barrel about halfway full with glitter for best results. 

materials needed for glueing together glitter pen

Insert the rubber stopper and replace the metal ring around the barrel. Use a toothpick to place a small amount of waterproof adhesive inside the rim of the colored metal barrel of the pen. Insert the end of the glitter tube inside the metal barrel and wipe away any excess glue. Allow to dry. 

DIY glitter pen being held

Easy peasy and super cool! 

Look at how fun that is! These pens would make a great gift idea – make one, two, three or more for your favorite gift recipient! 

completed glitter pen crafts

Repeat for additional pens – the possibilities are truly endless! I LOVE the blue barrel pen filled with neon glitter dots! The pink pen is filled with lilac and gold stars and glitter, and is seriously stunning! 

DIY glitter pens in various colors

Each pen takes just a few minutes to make and is a super budget-friendly way to create a truly special and personalized gift for your family and friends! 

DIY glitter pens in various colors

For even more Craft Lightning glitter crafts, be sure to click the image below! There are LOTS of great glitter craft ideas that you’re sure to love! 

craft lightning glitter advert
Happy Crafting!

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Don’t Forget to Pin These Glitter Pens for Later!

easy DIY gift idea glitter pens
easy DIY gift idea glitter pens
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    1. Thanks, Debbie! I haven’t had any mold issues whatsoever, but if you’re concerned, you could opt for the glycerin and water method instead. It works nearly as well!