diy glitter embellished name ornaments

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So what’s even better than the mess free glitter ornaments that I showed you the other day? Personalized mess free glitter ornaments, of course!

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments

sutton simon and sawyer kids names printed in glitter

I love the look of the plain glitter ornaments, but I had some silver glitter vinyl from Expressions Vinyl that was just begging to be put to good use, and I hadn’t made my boys their personalized ornament for 2012 yet. It just made perfect sense to add another layer of glitter to my glitter…more is more at holiday time, right?

green glitter kids name ornament on tree

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut my boys’ initials from solid-colored vinyl, but you could easily cut it out with a sharp Xacto knife as well. Just print out the initial onto printer paper, trim it to size, and tape it on top of your piece of vinyl. Carefully use the Xacto knife to cut through both layers (paper and vinyl) to cut out your letters. Apply the initial to the ornament using a small scrap of transfer paper.

back of ornament reads year 2012 in glitter

I used the silver glitter vinyl for my boys’ names along with a “2012” for the back side. The font that I used is Lobster, and it’s one of my current favorites.

glitter ornaments for christmas tree

These are seriously so easy to make that they become addictive! I ended up making one for each of the kiddos of Eight By Five, and I’m headed back to the craft store this week to see if I can find any more of the glass disc ornaments since I’ve had lots of requests for more. Such fun!

I’m rather obsessed with the tremendous amount of sparkle that these add to the Christmas tree, and I’m honestly contemplating getting rid of all my old solid colored balls and replacing them with a whole bunch of these!

UPDATE: Thank you for all of your email inquiries about purchasing custom ornaments or vinyl names. We will NOT be selling these ornaments this year, however, This Etsy seller has nearly identical ornaments available for purchase in her shop. Happy holidays! 
Image of text that says Heidi

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  1. I don’t see where you have directions how to do the glitter ornaments just the vinyl help please where is the directions?

  2. So pretty and I love how easy they were. Now I want to go find some Christmas stickers to do my own. Thanks for sharing!

    1. The font size will depend on the size of your ornament. My monogram letters were around 2″ tall (not sure of the font size) for 2.5″ ornaments.

  3. Hi, Thank you for the tutorial on the glitter ornaments. You stated you used the Lobster font for the names. Did you use the same for the initials? they look like a different font.

  4. Hi,

    I did these and they look amazing! But after a few days all the glitter came unstuck from the floor cleaner and are in a pile at the bottom of the ornament. Did that happen to you?

    1. Oh no! I didn’t have that happen with ours at all, Priya, and I have made dozens of these ornaments. We have ornaments from 2012 on our tree this year that look just as good as they did on the day we made them. I’m sorry you had trouble with yours!

  5. Hi. I realize this is an older post, but when I look up the lobster font it does not look like yours. I’ve checked multiple locations. If you still have this file can you confirm the font you used please. We just made these at a crafting party with friends and we need to finish. Thank you!

  6. I want to make the personalized glitter ornaments asap, but I’m confused about how you print the names out. Is this done on a computer? If so, how can it be done without ink ending up on the glitter vinyl? Could you please give me step by step instructions in a simple way for me to understand?

  7. Hello Heidi,
    I am looking at ordering these ornaments from you for 2015. Can you accommodate this? is there anything you need from me for this?
    please let me know