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Looking for unique stocking stuffers for teen boys and girls? We’ve got you covered with lots of awesome stocking stuffer ideas for teens and tweens! 

stocking stuffers for teens and tweens

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Finding stocking stuffers for teens and tweens can sometimes be a challenge, so we’ve rounded up 70+ of some of the most fun and original stocking stuffer ideas for teen boys and girls to make your life a little bit easier! All of these stocking stuffers are available on Etsy or Amazon, so fill your cart once and get everything you need all in one place!

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens

santa surprise balls in christmas living room

If you want to stick with a classic Christmas theme, these Santa Surprise Balls are perfect! Each one is loaded with at least 10 small gifts, and you can choose the age and gender of the recipient to make sure that the prizes included are appropriate and sure to delight!

stackable rings for teens to wear on hand

These stackable rings are totally in and will make the perfect gift idea for teen girls to rock!

magnetic pen for kids and adults stocking stuffer

Kids and adults would love to receive this magnetic pen that changes into any shape you can make! They make great fidget toys for teens and tweens.

etched water bottles in various designs

These awesome Personalized Etched Water Bottles are permanently etched with your custom design, so you never have to worry about it coming off in the wash!

cutiePie item collage featuring pizza heart, sloth, cookie monster, and pusheen cats

Does your teen love all things cute and tiny? They will adore all of the fun earrings, keychains, necklaces, pins, and more from Etsy seller iCutiePie!

kitten earbud organizer gift for teens

Keep their earbuds tangle-free with this cute Kitten Earbud Cord Wrap Organizer!

cute keychains that say i love tacos and a poptart

Keychains make great stocking stuffers for teens, and The Shout Out Shop offers a TON of fun keychain options!

various pattern scrunchies

You can never have too many Scrunchies!

magnetic bookmarks that feature a boba tea and kitty astronaut

These cute Magnetic Bookmarks are just one of the fun things that FunUsualSuspects offers in their Etsy shop!

temporary tattoo body markers gift set

Boys and teenage girls will think these temporary tattoo body markers are a great gift!

personalized name phone charger cable holder

If you are always playing the game called ‘Whose charger is that?’, these fun Personalized Charger Name Tags are the perfect stocking stuffers for you!

trivia stocking stuffer game for kids and adults

Everyone loves a good game of trivia! This book is great as it’s a blast played solo or with friends.

retro wave wallet japanese inspired art style

A wallet makes a great stocking stuffer for teens, and Backerton has a lot of different Leather Wallet options in all kinds of fun prints!

headphone holders gift idea for teens and tweens

Many teens are heavily into gaming these days, and these custom headphone holders are a really cool investment!

kanoodle challenging game for kids for Christmas

Kanoodle is a fun game that challenges players to solve over 200 puzzles!

ho ho ho here is some dough money gift holder

Sometimes no gift can beat a nice wad of cash! Use these personalized money holders to hold your dough this year.

deodorizing balls to eliminate odors

If your kids are big sports players like mine, you and your kids will both be grateful for these deodorizing balls. They even come in cool sports ball shapes!

custom face personalized socks

Put your teen’s face on these hilarious personalized custom face socks for a surprise they’ll never forget!

pokemon suprise toy bath bombs

Young adults will appreciate this gift for sure! Enjoy a relaxing bath with these fun Pokemon bath bombs, complete with a surprise toy inside.

rubik's cube toy for kids

Keep fidgety teens busy with these entertaining Rubik’s cube toys that are just the perfect size for adding to a teen’s stocking.

wooden sling shot with pom pom balls

Spread some Christmas cheer with these fun wooden slingshot toys from HandcraftedBuffalo on Etsy!

funny crochet shark socks

Great White Shark socks are one thing no teen has at home! Surprise teens with these funny socks that are oh-so-comfortable.

mother and daughter using cute kitty cat headband face washing headband

Girls will love getting this gift in their stocking that is totally perfect for a relaxing spa day at home.

Dr.Pepper scented candles stocking stuffer ideas

Are your kids hooked on soft drinks? Then they may appreciate this candle gift that smells just like the real deal!

personalized hot sauce gift

This is the best gift idea for any huge fans of hot sauce! Give your saucy teen a personalized bottle of their favorite hot sauce in their Christmas stocking this year.

fluffy sloth grip slippers

How cute are these fluffy sloth slippers from Amazon?! There’s even a cute cow, llama, reindeer, and more fun options to choose from.

car putty for removing dirt and debris

If your teen is now a driver, they’re going to love receiving this car cleaning putty that removes dirt and debris in no time!

funny candle gamer gift idea

Send a hilarious message to your gamer kids this holiday season! These funny candles are a nice way to say “your room stinks!” and will definitely be well received.

apple watch and features listed

If you’ve racked your brain and just can’t find another gift to give to your teen, the Apple Watch will make one of the best stocking stuffers for teens! They can be paired and used a lot like a cell phone, but also have even more incredible features that both teens and parents will love, like – music, health and fitness apps, and even crash detection that can make emergency calls in the event that your teen has been in accident. You really can’t go wrong with an Apple watch!

Custom letter keychain with dried flowers

A custom letter keychain made with dried flowers make great gifts for teen girls.

car mirror charms with crescent moons and starts

Big kids will enjoy hanging these car mirror charms around, they even would look cute in a bedroom window catching the rays!

funny gamer socks for teen stocking stuffer

For the teens that can’t put down the video games, give these hilarious “Do Not Disturb” gaming socks to your favorite gamer kid!

man wearing bluetooth beanie

Both girls and boys of all ages would appreciate this cool beanie that connects to any Bluetooth device so you can keep your ears warm and still jam!

funny squashed animal bookmarkers

If you have an avid reader on your hands, include one of these funny squashed animal bookmarks in their stocking!

cool hardcover journal gift idea for teen girls or boys

Tweens and teens always need a place to express their innermost thoughts, that’s why this lovely and unique hardcover journal is the best gift for teens to receive.

kodiak print camera held by woman

This KODIAK Printomatic camera is affordable and can print photos instantly! Use it to snap a few memories around the Christmas tree come Christmas morning.

12 spa face masks variety pack

Give the gift of relaxation with this fun 12 ct. variety pack of spa face masks!

two game controller soaps in black and white

You will definitely be the cool parents or grandparents on the block with these fun game controller soaps from SouthernArtSoap on Etsy.

hair chalk for temporary hair dye and example on girls hair

Kids of all ages will LOVE playing with these hair chalk temporary dye pens while adding a pop of color to their locks! They are a great alternative for kids who want to dye their hair but parents or schools have reservations. The best part is that they’re totally washable!

custom personalized jewelry boxes for stocking stuffer

There’s something really special about this engraved birth flower jewellery box. Perfect for fitting small rings and jewelry into a purse or backpack(or stocking!).

POOpocalypse funny family card game

This bowel-busting party game is a smash with kids, teens and adults! Ideal for immature people ages 8 to 88! And, these card games are the perfect size for a hilarious stocking stuffer. So much fun!

aesthetic gel pens in various colors

For the color coordinated teenage girl – these aesthetic gel pens are a must have for school, work, or even college!

colorful alarm clock with phone plug in

Teenage boys and girls may actually need this cool Christmas gift. Add this useful gift to a sleepy teen’s stocking.

macaron lip balm stocking stuffer gifts

These fresh macaron lip balms are SO sweet! A great gift idea that is under 10 dollars!

catch phrase popular stocking stuffer game for kids, teens, and adults

Everyone at your Christmas or holiday party will enjoy playing the hilarious game of Catch Phrase! Players take turns naming the ‘catch phrase’ without saying the actual words! Once the other players guess your phrase, pass it to the next player! Just hurry, because the last player holding the device when the time is up will LOSE! Play in small groups or large teams.

custom makeup brush bag and makeup brushes

Not only are these makeup brushes and pouch SO cute for a teenage girl or college students, but they can be personalized and they’re under 5$! That’s a major win!

elf, reindeer poop breath mints funny christmas stocking stuffers

Teens and tweens will definitely giggle at these funny Christmas breath mints! They come in a variety 4 pack so everyone can get their own ‘Reindeer Poop’ or ‘Elf Poop’ this Christmas.

christmas themed block building sets

Kids who have a knack for building with LEGOS and other brick like materials will love receiving one of these cute Christmas themed building sets!

personalized guitar pick containers with names

If your child is musically gifted, or perhaps receiving a new instrument for Christmas, give them a personalized guitar pick box with their very own name on it. It’s another great buy that’s under $10!

takeout food dice in gold and silver

If your picky eaters can never make up their mind – gift them a pair of these cute takeout dice!

model air dry clay buckets made into 4 christmas examples

Kids and even young adults would appreciate this model air dry kit! There’s many cute holiday themed projects to be made using this cool toy.

cool mint croc shoe

My entire family LOVES slipping on Crocs for comfort and cruising around town! With all the new cool colors they have and Croc charms you can add to them, these shoes have taken the world by storm. FInd out what all the craze is about!

the impossible crystal puzzle gift

Challenge your best puzzlers to this creative ‘Clear Crystal Puzzle’ that definitely won’t be too easy to solve!

BRUH t-shirt in black and red

If you’re a parent of a teen or tween, chances are you’ve probably heard this phrase before!

rainbow diamond painting kit with accessories

Diamond painting is a new trend that is not only super satisfying once finished, but it’s a really relaxing activity that’s great for fidgety kids or adults to enjoy.

personalized leather clutch with cell phone and credit card holder

Teens who keep losing their stuff will totally appreciate a personalized gift that adds a little style and organization to their life.

tiny mini camera keychains with custom photo inside

Create sweet memories with these mini camera keychains, complete with your favorite photo for your teen.

elastic gloves for winter

Winter gloves are always a great choice for a stocking stuffer! These elastic gloves will keep hands warm in the cold weather and have a grip that allows you to still activate your phone while wearing them. Neat!

vintage leather bookmarks with custom initials

These magnetic leather bookmarks are easy to fit in a backpack or purse, and look so stylish holding your place!

handmade ocarina musical instrument gift

Zelda game fans will recognize this incredible instrument! The ocarina is a wonderful, compact musical flute that produces the most harmonic sounds you can imagine. Gamer fans and musically inclined teens would enjoy this thoughtful gift!

string bracelets gifts for young girls

String bracelets are always in, this set is great for young girls and are pretty affordable stocking stuffers for high school kids!

handmade resin figure pet goldfish

For the teens always begging you to get them a pet! Surprise them with this totally adorable pet goldfish resin figure(disclaimer – not an actual fish!).

crescent moon wall tapestry macrame hanging

This celestial wall hanging belongs in any teenage girl’s bedroom!

apple ear buds

​ Sometimes the best things come inside of small packages! A pair of Apple Earbuds are one of the greatest gift ideas for teens who have an Apple Iphone. This set plugs directly into your phone through the charging port, but there’s also a wireless set.

pop sockets in various patterns

If your child has all the latest techwear for their device, a new pop socket always makes a great and practical stocking stuffer for teens.

portable charger for iphone

This portable charger is a great gift idea for anyone, and they’re super small and compact(about the size of a credit card!).

color changing stress ball

An item as simple as a stress ball can make a positive impact in your teen’s life! These colorful, squishy friends are easy to carry around and squeeze when you’re feeling a little anxious. A great way to destress during long car rides or road trips.

square and flower hair clips for girls

​If you have a teen girl on your hands, beauty products and hair clips always make great Christmas gifts to goto! These cool square claw clips are small and easy to slip into stockings.

pocket pop funko keychain marvel groot character

Grab your teen or tweens favorite character in a cute little Pop Funko keychain or Pocket Pop! How adorable is this baby Groot?!

gameboy retro gaming console phone case in red

Kids and adults can convert their phone into a retro gaming device using this easy to install phone case! It comes preloaded with 36 games that Mom and Dad may even recognize.

fidget infinity cube toys for teens and kids

My kids can get lost in an infinity cube for hours! They’re so fun to slide around and create different pictures from.

These stocking stuffer ideas are all super awesome and sure to please your favorite teens and tweens!

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stocking stuffers for teens
stocking stuffers for teen boys and girls
stocking stuffers for teens and tweens
stocking stuffers for teenage boys and girls
stocking stuffers for teens
stocking stuffers for teens
stocking stuffers for teen boys and girls
stocking stuffer ideas for teen boys and girls
stocking stuffers for teens
"Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens and Tweens" graphic with collage of ideas
the best stocking stuffers for teens
70+ stocking stuffers for teens
70+ Stocking Stuffers for Teens

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