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Learn how to make a rainbow glitter tumbler – perfect for wine and coffee! Makes a great personalized gift idea that you can easily customize with any colors and designs! 

DIY Rainbow Glitter Tumblers

rainbow wine and coffee tumblers with drink

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I love making personalized gifts for my friends and family for their birthdays and the winter holidays, and these DIY glitter tumblers are a great custom gift idea! Make it personal with your own color combinations, graphics, and designs!

My gift recipient loves rainbows and wine just as much as I do (there’s a very good reason why she’s one of my besties!), so I knew that a customized rainbow glitter wine tumbler would make a perfect gift for her! For these rainbow glitter tumblers, I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 machine to add some fun happy hour sayings, but the design possibilities are truly endless!

How to Make Glitter Tumblers

plain white wine tumbler and rainbow of spray paint colors

The very first step is to paint your cup with a base coat of color. You can use a single color or a mix of colors, or in this case, an entire rainbow of colors!

Step One: Paint Your Tumbler

What You’ll Need:

spray painted rainbow tumbelr

Use the painter’s tape to cover the stainless steel rim at the lip of the cup and set the cup top down on your painting surface. Paint a vertical stripe of each color on to the cup in rainbow order (don’t worry if the stripes aren’t perfect – no one will ever notice!) and allow to dry completely.

Note: always spray paint in a well-ventilated area!

supplies to make a resin glitter tumbler

Step Two: Resin and Glitter

What You’ll Need: 

Note: always make sure to wear proper personal protective equipment when working with resin! The Faux Rizzle brand resin used in this post contains no VOCs and does not require the use of a respirator, however, other brands may require additional equipment. Always use in a well-ventilated area. 

rainbow wine tumbler on cup turner

Place the painted cup on the cup turner and tape off the rim of the cup with painter’s tape.

mixing resin for a glitter tumbler

Mix the resin according to the directions. For this resin, I mixed Part A into Part B in a 1:1 ratio (15 ml each) and stirred for six minutes. The mixture will start out cloudy and will turn clear after you’re done mixing.

pouring resin over spray painted tumbler

Turn on the cup turner and slowly pour a small amount of resin on to the cup.

smoothing resin with gloved fingers

You can use a silicone brush to spread the resin around on the cup, but I prefer to use my gloved fingers because I feel like it gives me the most control. Continue to pour and smooth the resin with your fingers until there is a generous (but not drippy!) layer of resin on the cup. Take care to smooth out any uneven spots, but don’t stress about getting it absolutely perfect – the resin will self-level a bit more as the cup spins! If necessary, use the torch to remove any air bubbles from the resin.

pouring glitter onto the rainbow painted tumbler

Sprinkle a layer of glitter on to the wet resin to cover the entire cup. If using a chunky glitter, first sprinkle a small amount of chunky glitter on to the bottom half of the cup before sprinkling the fine glitter all over the entire cup. Follow with a bit more chunky glitter if desired for additional coverage.

glitter on tumbler while on cup turner

Allow the tumbler to continue to spin on the cup turner for 6-8 hours or until the resin is no longer sticky to the touch. Note: carefully remove the painter’s tape from the rim of the cup approximately an hour after pouring the resin so that you are able to peel it cleanly off!  

cricut machine cutting materials

Step Three: Adding Personalized Details to Tumblers

What You’ll Need: 

cricut vinyl foil holographic materials

There are LOTS of different vinyl options that you can use to create your cup designs, but out of all the choices, these are my favorites – Premium Permanent Vinyl, Adhesive Foil, Holographic Vinyl, and Holographic Threads Premium Vinyl.

why limit to a happy hour? svg file in cricut design space

Open the Wine Tumbler designs in Cricut Design Space.

cricut explore air 2 materials dial

Set the dial to the Custom materials setting on your Explore Air 2 and select the appropriate material from the list in Design Space. I love that I can connect wirelessly to my Explore Air 2 for fast and easy cutting!

cricut cutting vinyl holographic foil

Cut each of the layers from your vinyl of choice.

cricut cutting holographic vinyl materials

Look at how AMAZING this Holographic Threads Premium Vinyl is! I. Am. Obsessed!

tumbler with cut out cricut foil text

Use the weeding tools to remove the excess vinyl.

transfer tape smoothed over tumbler cricut cut design

Place a piece of transfer tape over the design and use the scraper to burnish the design.

materials for glitter tumbler
design placed onto tumbler and smoother down

Transfer the design on to the glitter tumbler. Tip: use scissors to cut small slits in between each of the letters that will go along the curved edge of the tumbler. This will allow you to place each letter individually for easier positioning. 

final peeled result that says coffee now wine later on rainbow tumbler

Easy peasy!

cheers svg file applied to tumbler

Repeat with a second design for the opposite side of the tumbler if desired.

revealed cheers svg file on finished tumbler
rainbow wine tumbler with quote

Place the tumbler back on to the cup turner, tape the top edge with painter’s tape, and repeat the resin process to add an additional coat of clear resin to the glitter tumbler and seal the vinyl decal inside. Allow the resin to cure completely (according to directions) before using.

happy hour win tumblers

How fun is that!? These glitter tumblers are seriously addictive to make, and you’ll likely find yourself wanting to make ALL the tumblers after you finish your first one! There are SO many awesome design possibilities!

happy hour wine tumblers
completed rainbow glitter wine tumblers made with cricut

I know that my wine and rainbow-loving friend is going to LOVE these rainbow glitter wine tumblers!

why limit happy to an hour wine tumbler

These glitter tumblers are sure to be a HUGE hit – whether you’re gifting them to your favorite friend or making one of your very own! Happy crafting!

Note on tumbler care: these tumblers are NOT dishwasher or microwave-safe. Hand wash only. Do not soak. 

Image of text that says Heidi

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Don’t Forget to Pin these Rainbow Glitter Tumblers for Later!

DIY rainbow glitter wine tumblers
DIY rainbow glitter wine tumblers

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