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I’ve mentioned before that my two-year-old isn’t really interested in crafting yet, which feels really strange and unfamiliar since his two older brothers were the kings of toddler crafting in their day. He will merely poke for a moment at play dough or make a few random scribbles with markers before he loses interest and moves on to reciting his letters, numbers and shapes. Forget about trying to paint – he hates it! (He didn’t seem to mind scribbling all over his face with an orange marker while I was busy grabbing glitter from our art room though!)

Today I struck pure gold though. This easy Valentine’s Day heart collage activity was perfect for my little shape-loving guy. Every time he stuck on a piece of tissue paper or a sequin he would tell me what shape he was using. Love it!

To make a heart suncatcher you will need:

  • Red paper
  • Clear contact paper
  • Tissue paper squares
  • Sequins, glitter and other relatively flat embellishments

Start by cutting a heart frame out of your paper – just fold the sheet of paper in half, cut out a large heart and then cut a smaller heart out of the large one to create a window. Cut a piece of contact paper that is larger than the heart, lay the heart on top of the contact paper and trim off the excess.

child making heart suncatcher

Since the Contact paper is sticky it won’t take much pressure for your child to apply their decorations. Today I also discovered that he has a lot of love for glitter!

beautiful homemade suncatcher hung up

When your child is finished decorating their heart, cut another piece of contact paper and lay it over the top to seal in the all of the “pretties.” Trim any excess contact paper and hang in a sunny window.

children playing with shapes and glitter

Simon loved the activity so much that we went back and did it again with just a sheet of contact paper!

For more simple Valentine’s Day activities and printables, CLICK HERE!

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  1. I have had a hard time finding clear contact paper but have found laminate sheets for the laminator and tack it. Tack it doesn’t dry like glue it’s still tacky works great. Love this idea will be trying it with the girls I babysit thank you!

  2. I did this with my 2 and almost 5-year-old. It was fun and so pretty but over so quickly for all the prep work I put into it! I love contact paper suncatchers but find them to be a real pain sometimes! But we do now have lovely Valentine’s decorations in the window that the kids can be proud of!

  3. Hi I child mind a little boy of 2 who really doesn’t do crafting, hates painting or getting messy….feels strange after 3 of my own sons who would craft all day! This was a fab idea and he did manage to sit and put on a few shapes. I finally have something to send home to his mum!!! Any more ideas for anti crafting children would be happily received 🙂

  4. I found you through pinterest =). Thanks so much for sharing this fun idea! It was a perfect snow day activity for my boys!