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Welcome to Week Five of the 8-Week Fitness Jumpstart hosted by Play. Party. Pin. and myself! If you missed any of the previous weeks, no worries! You can join in at any time, and catch up on the previous weeks by clicking here!

After last week’s weigh in, I was excited to see that my hard work is paying off, and I hope that you saw positive results, too. If you’re following the workout guide and eating healthy food including the dinners on our menu guide, you should be starting to see a change in your body shape as well. The numbers on the scale are NOT the only indicator of your success though, so don’t be discouraged if they aren’t dropping quickly. This Fitness Jumpstart is all about getting healthy and fit and making positive lifestyle changes, and weight loss is a secondary motive (though it will happen with good nutrition and regular exercise!).

WORKOUT PLAN: For each day shown, complete the listed exercises at least once (note: if you are able, repeat each cycle 2-3 times to maximize results) and walk/run for the stated amount of time. This week’s workout incorporates run/walking. For these workouts, run for 90 seconds followed by walking for 60 seconds. Repeat the run/walk cycle for 30 minutes.


Week Five Workout Plan


Click here to see video demonstrations of some of this week’s exercises!

20-Minute Fat Blasting Full Body Workout:

YouTube video

15-Minute Boxing Workout:

YouTube video


This week’s meal plan is packed full of delicious dinners that will fill you up with lots of protein and fresh produce.

chicken pasta in frying pan

Chicken Penne Florentine by Simply Fresh Dinners


Salmon Teriyaki from A Healthy Life for Me

Kung Pao Chicken

Healthy Kung Pao Chicken by Fit Foodie Finds

sweet potato buffalo chicken casserole served on plates

Sweet Potato Spicy Chicken by A Healthy Life for Me

Vegan Protein Burrito

The Ultimate Vegan Protein Burrito by Blissful Basil

paleo cashew chicken in frying pan

Paleo Cashew Chicken by A Spicy Perspective

Find all 8 weeks of the Beginner Fitness Jumpstart (including weekly workouts and meal plan!) here: 
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  1. Hi Heidi,
    I didn’t get a pingback at the time you posted this and just saw it today so wanted to thank you for including my recipe in your weekly menu. So kind of you! Happy New Year 🙂