Watercolor Paper Leaf Wreath

Making watercolor autumn leaf crafts has become an annual tradition (remember the super awesome watercolor leaf & branch mobile that we made last year?), and this year we turned our watercolored leaves into a gorgeous wreath.

Watercolor Fall Leaf Wreath

watercolor easy fall wreath made from paper leaves


Ellison SuperStar Machine
Sizzix Leaves #2 Die
Watercolor paints in fall colors
Watercolor paper
Paper Plate

(Note: You can use scissors to cut out the leaves if you don’t have access to a die cutter!)

kids painting with water colors

Start by covering several sheets of watercolor paper with paint in autumn-colored watercolor paints. Wetting the paper before the children start painting creates a wet-on-wet technique that produces beautiful soft colors that easily blend and flow into each other. Allow the paintings to dry completely.

pretty fall colored watercolor leaves drying

Cut the paintings into quarter sheets, and use the Leaves #2 die and the SuperStar machine to cut leaves from the paintings. You should be able to get about 16 leaves from each painting, but don’t worry if the edges are slightly cut off on a leaf or two – we’ll hide those edges in a later step!

beautiful amber colored diy paper fall leaves

The painted leaves are even prettier than the real ones, and I love the different variations in color!

child squeezing glue on the back of leaves with paper plate wreath backing

Cut the center out of a paper plate to create a wreath form. Use glue to attach the leaves to the wreath.

easy to make homemade fall wreath

Continue gluing leaves on the wreath until it is completely covered.

diy fall wreath with watercolor paper leaves

Allow to dry completely, and then add a ribbon for hanging.

So pretty! My preschoolers created these simple leaf wreaths, and next week my elementary students are going to be creating similar wreaths. The older students will be creating “gratitude wreaths” where each leaf will be covered in words of things that they are thankful for. I love creative activities that can be adapted for many different ages and grade levels!

Image of text that says Heidi

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  1. Hello,
    I love this. How do you wet paper before hand? Spray bottle or paint with water or place in tub of water or does it not matter?

    1. We usually just use our paintbrushes to paint a layer of water on to the paper before we start painting, but any method will work! 🙂