Printable Halloween Lunch Box Notes

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These free printable Halloween Lunch Box Notes are fun for all ages! Add these cute Halloween lunch notes to your child’s lunch box for a fun Halloween treat!

free halloween lunch notes for kids printable

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Halloween Lunch Box Notes

Halloween is just around the corner, and these free printable Halloween lunch box notes are a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit!

Print out our free Halloween lunch notes and add them to your child’s lunch box. Kids will love seeing these Halloween themed notes tucked in with their lunch! Nine different designs can be used all Halloween season long!

Halloween lunch note cards fanned out on an orange background with candy corn and bats

Supplies Needed:

Halloween lunch notes arranged in a grid on an orange background with candy corn and batd

Simply print out the Halloween lunch notes (we recommend using heavyweight cardstock for best results), cut them out, and include them in your child’s lunch box for school! They are sure to be a Halloween favorite!

Close up of "Enjoy your sand-witch" Halloween lunch note on orange background

So, what goes best in a Halloween lunch box along with these cute notes? Halloween-themed foods, of course!

Halloween Lunch Box Food Ideas

  • Spooky Spider Sandwiches – cut a sandwich into a round shape and use pretzel sticks for legs and black olives (or chocolate chips depending on your sandwich fillings!) for eyes. You can even add a “web” of white cheese cut into a web shape behind the spider sandwich, too!
  • Halloween Mac N Cheese – add black food coloring to the water while cooking to turn your macaroni noodles black! For even more fun, use Halloween pasta noodles in shapes like bats, black cats, and pumpkins!
  • Frankenstein Monster Wraps – use a spinach tortilla to wrap your favorite sandwich fillings, and then add sliced cheese and veggies for Frank’s face and neck bolts!
  • Pumpkin Fruit Cups – use a Sharpie marker or black vinyl to add Jack O’Lantern faces to orange fruit cups – easy peasy!
  • Halloween Breakfast Cereals – add some dry Halloween breakfast cereal like Count Chocula or Frankenberry for a special treat!
Close up of cauldron Halloween lunch note card with bat and candy corn on orange background

To finish things off, try a Mummy Rice Krispies Treat, Halloween Circus Animal Cookie, or even a Cauldron Oreo Treat for dessert! SO fun, right? 😍😍😍 Paired with a cute Halloween lunch note, this Halloween themed lunch is sure to be a HUGE hit!

Halloween lunch notes scattered on an orange background with candy corn

You can print out as many of these Halloween lunch box notes as you’d like and use them in your child’s lunchbox all month long!

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    The free printable Halloween lunch notes we’ve provided here are a fun and easy way to spook up your child’s lunches for Halloween! Have you tried any of these festive Halloween food ideas? Have any other favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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