colorful fabric organization hack
There’s nothing I like better than a pretty rainbow of color, especially when that rainbow is part of a bigger organization plan. I found this idea on Pinterest (naturally!), and I knew it was something I needed to do immediately to tackle my overwhelming and haphazard pile of fabric that was overtaking my craft area. I created mini bolts of fabric by wrapping the fabric around these Comic Book Boards – they fit near perfectly if you fold the fabric in half from selvage to selvege and then in half again. Then just roll the length of fabric around the board – easy peasy and uniformly organized for easy rainbow storage!
fabrics in a row in drawer easy to pick from
Isn’t that pretty? Granted, it’s only a percentage of my fabric, so the entire rainbow won’t end up fitting in a single drawer or shelf, but I just had to take a picture of how lovely it looked at the halfway point!
Happy organizing!

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