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These printable Squishy Heart Valentine Cards are great sensory fun for kids of all ages! Squeeze the squishy heart “stress ball” to relieve anxiety and calm fidgety hands! A fun Valentine’s Day treat for friends and classmates!

printable valentine cards with a squeeze heart

Stress Ball Squishy Heart Valentine Cards

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I am super excited about these super cute stress ball valentines that put the fun in FUNctional! These Squishy Heart Valentine Cards perform double-duty as both an adorable novelty toy and a healthy sensory experience that can actually help kids focus better in the classroom – now that’s what I call a win-win!

printable squeeze and hug valentines cards

I designed these cute “squeeze-themed” Valentine’s Day cards to go along with some of the cutest little Valentine’s toys I’ve ever seen – squishy heart stress balls!

heart shaped squeeze stress reliever balls

Aren’t they adorable?! I wish you could feel just how spongy and squishy they are in person – my three kids went crazy over them!

squishy smiling heart toys
squishing heart toy in hands

I picked up a 36-pack of these squishy hearts on Amazon and it was SO cheap to buy more than enough for an entire classroom! You can also purchase a 24-pack from Oriental Trading if you don’t need quite as many hearts.

heart squeeze toy and valentines cards together

I printed out the Valentine cards onto heavy cardstock and used a glue dot to adhere each squishy heart to the Valentine card – easy peasy and super cute!

heart squeeze toy on printable valentine day cards

Not only are these stress ball squishy heart valentines adorable, they also have some pretty awesome health benefits!

hugs and squeezes valentine squishy toy card

Much like a fidget spinner, stress balls can help overactive children direct their energy in a more constructive manner than they might otherwise find. Once their hands are occupied, the child is able to focus more on what their parent or teacher is saying because they aren’t distracted by their need to fidget and move around.

squishy valentine cards for kids

Stress balls can also help to improve circulation. When you squeeze a stress ball, you are actually ‘pumping’ blood and oxygen around your body and to the necessary muscles thus improving circulation. Fun AND healthy – you can’t beat that!

cute toy valentine cards for kids

These squishy hearts are the perfect way to deliver “Hugs and Squeezes” to your “Main Squeeze” this Valentine’s Day!

Get the Valentine’s Day Squishy Heart Cards Here

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squishy heart valentine cards

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  1. Thanks so much for creating and sharing such a cute printable!! We used these hearts for classroom Valetines when my oldest was in first grade. I made little square cut-outs that said “It’s Valentine’s Day Oh My Gosh! Here is something for you to SQUASH!” LOL So lame! It was the best I could come up with at the time… (did not think that far ahead when I ordered the hearts!). It’s Now it’s my youngest’s turn, and I’m so thankful for your MUCH cuter tags! Happy Valentine’s Day (a couple weeks early 😉

  2. I’m having a hard time getting the squishy heart to stick to the paper. Every time we pick them up they pop off. Did you use multiple to get it to stay? Thanks!

    1. Sorry to hear that, Andrea! I only used one sticky dot, which worked well for us, but you might also be able to adhere them with a tiny dot of low-temperature hot glue as well.

  3. Thanks for the idea Heidi. These squishy things are all the rage at my kids’ school, so I’m definitely doing this!