Emoji Valentine Cards

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These cute Printable Emoji Valentine Cards are tons of funs for kids! Pair them with an inexpensive emoji novelty toy for a super special Valentine’s Day treat for friends and classmates! 

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Do your kids love emojis? My children are crazy about them, and these printable Emoji Valentine Cards are perfect for kids just like them! Hand them out to your friends and classmates for a super cute Valentine’s Day treat that’s sure to be a huge hit!

Printable Emoji Valentine Cards

emoji valentines for kids

These emoji valentine cards come in four different designs featuring some of our favorite emojis – heart eyes (my #1 favorite!), sunglasses, smooches, and sleepy – each on a yellow and white background.

cute printable emoji valentines

Print out the valentines on to heavy cardstock and cut out each individual card (there are eight cards per page) using scissors or a paper cutter. I use a Fiskars rotary paper cutter, and it’s one of my favorite tools ever! We have used it nearly every day for the past ten years (especially in our homeschool classroom), and it’s still going strong!

sleepy emoji valentine cards for kids

Pair the cards with a fun emoji-themed novelty toy for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s sure to please! We bought these small plush emoji keychains for my kids’ friends, and everyone LOVED them! The kids used them as keychains, backpack clips, and jacket zipper pulls, and everyone was totally thrilled with their Valentine’s Day gift! (Plus, they’re SUPER inexpensive – you get enough for the whole class for under $15!)

cute free printable valentines cards for kids classrooms

Or check out some of these other fun emoji novelties! All of them would go perfectly with our printable emoji valentine cards, and the kids are sure to love them!





For even more Valentine’s Day fun, check out our Mega Pack of Printable Valentine Cards – there’s something for everyone! No more last-minute scrambling for Valentine’s Day cards! 


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emoji valentine printable cards


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