Thanksgiving Memory Game

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Use these adorable Thanksgiving memory cards to keep kids (and adults!) entertained while you’re prepping for the big feast. These memory cards can be played at home, in the classroom for a Thanksgiving activity, and with family and friends while everyone waits for the turkey to cook!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Memory Match Game

thanksgiving memory match game

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Play this Thanksgiving memory game with your family while you wait for the Thanksgiving meal to finish cooking! Friends and family can play this game as the last-minute touches are put on the table, or younger siblings can play with each other as mom or dad carves the turkey.

Memory is a classic game that can be played with all ages, young and old! Memory games help exercise the brain, sharpen our problem-solving skills, and can enhance visual perception. All ages can benefit from playing this fun game while waiting to eat on Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving Memory Match Game

printable thanksgiving memory game cards

What You Need to Make This Thanksgiving Memory Game

That’s it! This Thanksgiving Memory game is super simple to make and tons of fun to play! Just download the free printable, print these memory cards out in color, and cut each card out. I recommend using a heavier weight paper so that you can’t see through the cards when they are laying face down.

thanksgiving printable match memory game

How to Play Thanksgiving Memory 

Get ready for Thanksgiving dinner by remembering where the cards are for the pumpkin pie, squash, cornucopia, turkey, and more! Each person takes turns flipping two cards over. If they match, you get to keep the pair and take another turn. If they don’t match, flip them back over, and try to remember what and where they were for your next turn.

thanksgiving turkey in memory match game

The person who collects the most cards at the end wins! There are 12 pairs total, all Thanksgiving themed and all totally cute!

memory match game with tokens

This Thanksgiving memory game is also great for a fall playdate, a quiet indoor classroom game, and even a fun activity leading up to Thanksgiving day!

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free printable thanksgiving memory game
free printable thanksgiving memory game

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