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Looking for a fun and easy Valentine’s Day game for your classroom, family, church, or playgroup? This Roll & Cover Valentine Game is fun for kids of all ages! Use our free printable valentines game and race to be the first to cover all of the dice with candy hearts!

 Roll & Cover Valentine Game that is fun for kids of all ages!

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Roll and Cover is one of my favorite Valentine games to play with a large group of people! It can be played with all different ages and skill levels, and the only supplies that you need are our free printable Valentine’s Roll and Cover game sheet and some candy hearts! Or, if you’d prefer to keep things sugar-free, you could also use paper hearts or small heart erasers instead of candy. This Roll & Cover Valentine Game can be played in a circle by taking turns rolling the dice or you can give each player their own die/dice and have everyone compete head-to-head at the same time in a race to fill their cards. Whichever way you choose to play it, it’s a TON of fun!

valentines day game roll and cover printable

You can opt to use either one or two dice to play the game – one die will make the game take longer, two dice will make it faster. Roll the dice and cover the corresponding number(s) on the game card with a candy heart.

fun classroom roll and cover dice game

Whoever covers all of their spaces first is the winner!

classroom printable games for kids

I like to give out small novelty prizes for the top three winners, and everyone else gets the candy hearts (or erasers) consolation prize – something for everyone!

fun and easy valentines roll and cover game

If you want to conserve time and paper, you can also print out the game card and cut out each individual strip  – there are five game strips per sheet.

kid playing roll and cover dice game

Use the single strip instead of the larger sheet for faster gameplay!

Get the Valentine’s Day Roll & Cover Game Here

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  1. Hi there, do you have a suggestion as to how we could modify the Roll and Cover game to work for a classroom?

    It’s not practical to give every student a pair of dice (or even 1 die), and if the teacher rolls, if all the cards are the same, then won’t all the kids win at once? Is there a ‘Bingo’ version?


    1. Pass the dice. In a row… only need 5 dice and in a class of 25 they get to roll every 5th time. More if you have more dice.

  2. Thank you so very much for your willingness to share such adorable printables with me! They will be so fun for a Valentine activity I am having with some little girls from our church. Thank you!

  3. Hi I have signed up but cannot get the roll over heart board to download and it looks perfect for my kids ☹️

  4. Hi. I am having a hard time finding the link to download the printable version of this Valentine’s Day game board. Can the link or pdf be sent to me? Thank you!! I’d like to use this for our kindergarten party.