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30+ Valentine’s Day Nail ideas that you’re going to absolutely LOVE! We’ve hand-picked the BEST Valentine’s Day nails just for you!

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February 14th is fast approaching and whether you’re dressing up for a hot date or practicing self-care this season, you’ll love these creative nail art ideas! From designs that are simple and easy to recreate, to elaborate show-stopping looks – these nail art designs will totally get your creative juices flowing for that perfect V-day set!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to make a trip to the nail salon for a fresh new fit! Gather some inspiration from these daring, unique, and super festive nail art ideas!

What better way to celebrate the day of love than treating yourself to a V-day mani and some relaxation time! Save these cute valentine’s nail art ideas for your next date or Galentine’s celebration! Don’t forget your favorite supplies to get started!

Valentine’s Day Nail Must Haves!

30+ Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

Say less with this simple idea that uses multiple pink shades! Playing with some fun striping gives a simple, chic style for Valentine’s Day that will last well past the holiday! Don’t forget the nail tape!

Make a statement with these fun comic art inspired nails! So eye-catching, and easy to recreate in whatever style or pattern you choose.

Simple enough to do at home! We love that they’ve ditched the typical pink or red nails and used a single heart accent nail. A bold, fun look to wear anytime!

How creative is this V-day tic-tac-toe inspired nail art!? Valentine’s Day is all fun and games, after all!

Kiss covered claws are just so perfect for the holiday! A beautiful finish that can be easily pulled off using nail art stickers or stamps to create those cute kiss prints.

These textured Valentine nails are crazy cute, and you’ve got to love a holiday gnome for every season!

Go all out with these cute, rainbow-embellished nails! An adorable Valentine’s Day nail idea for adults or kids of all ages!

Take your nail art to the next level by adding fun love notes, red hearts, or cute characters onto a basic pink, white, or red polish base.

Steady hands and thin lines can give you a fun abstract nail that looks striking with any wardrobe! This color palette reminds me of sunset on the beach (how romantic!)!

Adding flowers or chunky sparkles can turn any Valentine’s day nail design into a functional style for any occasion!

Colorful checkers and cute little cherries give classic Valentine’s day card looks! Another easy design that can be achieved with nail stickers, stamps or just nail polish!

Sending love letters is my favorite part about Valentine’s Day! Include a cute little message or love note on an accent nail (like your ring finger!) to complete this adorable look.

Slay this holiday with this killer nail art idea! The rhinestones are a nice touch to these long Valentine’s Day slashers!

Keep it simple — black and white nails rock against any color outfit, jewelry piece, or background! A flawlessly fun look! I love the neutral base against a black wardrobe!

Heart shapes are a must for Valentine’s day and these are just so delicate and sweet! They would look great on any nail size or shape. These hearts are painted, but you could also add heart stickers on top of a classic French manicure for an easy Valentine’s Day mani idea!

I live for big, chunky rhinestones! These would be super easy for the at home crafter to pull off using leftover glitter and gemstones! I bet this would look amazing with faux candy hearts also!

I love how simple and dainty these nails look! These lovely pink hearts could complete a more formal look, great for Valentine’s parties or gatherings!

These rose quartz inspired nails are incredible! The shape combined with this unique design REALLY looks like a crystal! The perfect pink manicure for Valentine’s Day!

Ombre nails look beautiful and give a fun, festive feel while still being simple & elegant! An easy design to pull off at home or in the salon!

How daring! This set creates a dashing, bold look for Valentine’s Day, using coconut milk! A style you could wear all year long!

Peek-a-boo! These peeking heart design nails are SO cute, and can be made easily at home on natural or fake nails!

Power Puff Girl inspired nails just FIT the Valentine’s Day vibe! You really can’t go wrong with this statement-making set!

These conversation hearts nails are simple and fun – customize yours with cute sayings! An easy way to turn a clear base into a sweet look!

Red and white go together like yin and yang to create these beautiful holiday nails! So rad, and such a simple design!

An adorable spin on typical French manicures! Alternate colors with black and red nail polish for a fun way to give some cute flair to a natural nail.

Simple stripes never looked so good! Use your negative space as a backdrop for tiny hearts or even substitute for a rhinestone or a metallic gold heart!

Marble and gold looks absolutely stunning with any simple accent colors – white or pale pink parallels this incredible effect to create a show stopping set!

This micro French nail design is so subtle, yet so sweet! An effortless Valentine’s nail idea that’s one of our top picks!

A sweet swirly pattern can be easy enough for the at-home beauty guru to execute! These wavy pink nails looks great with any nail color choice.

Metallic press-on nails look daring in a pinch! Choose a fun pink, red, or rose gold to get festive Valentines Day nails this year!

These roaring nails are perfect for any get together with the girls, a hot date, or for at home romantic movie bingeing!

For those looking for a more muted look, these nude nails are just the thing! They remind me of a cute comfy sweater!

With SO many amazing options to choose from, we hope you’ve found the perfect nail inspo for your next nail salon trip or at-home glam sesh!

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