Donut Valentine Coloring Cards

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These Free Printable Donut Valentine Coloring Cards are lots of fun for kids of all ages! Perfect for classroom Valentine’s Day parties! Add some sweetness to your Valentine’s Day with these printable Donut valentines!

donut valentine cards on a purple background with colored pencils and sprinkles

This post may contain affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from these sales at no additional cost to you!

Looking for a fun and adorable way to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to your friends and loved ones? These free printable donut Valentine coloring cards are perfect!

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and we have a SUPER fun, new free printable for you! These adorable Donut Coloring Valentine Cards are great for kids of all ages, and they are perfect for classroom Valentine’s Day parties.

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Free Printable Valentine Coloring Cards

full sheet of paper with printable donut valentine cards and crayons

These cute coloring valentine cards feature some sweet donuts and silly donut puns – our favorite!

Phrases Include:

  • I’m donuts about you!
  • Donut forget that you’re unique!
  • I like you a hole lot!
  • I donut know what I would do without you!
  • You glaze my life!
  • Life is sweet with you as my friend!
four coloring pages with donuts and hearts on them

Supplies Needed:

close up of valentine coloring cards on purple background with crayons

After printing, there are two ways in which you could use and gift these coloring Valentine’s Day cards:

  1. Have your child color in the valentines, and then send the colored valentine cards to friends and family.
  2. Print the valentine cards PDF, cut the sheet into individual cards, and then hand out the un-colored cards to friends and family (preferably with a couple of crayons or markers!) for them to color in themselves.
close up of partially colored donut valentine cards with crayons

Whichever method you decide to go with, they’re sure to be a huge hit with your friends and loved ones!

six donut valentine cards on a lavender background with crayons

Kids of all ages will love coloring in these sweet donuts, and they make great classroom Valentine’s Day party favors, too!

If you’re looking for a little something extra to include with your donut coloring valentine cards, check these out:


"Printable PDF" graphic with donut valentine card image thumbnails

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We hope you enjoy these fun coloring valentine cards! They are sure to bring lots of smiles and fun this Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image of text that says Heidi

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