These “You’ve Been Booed” Halloween printables are SO much fun! Does your neighborhood boo each other at Halloween time? Not sure what that even means? Read on, and I’m sure you’ll be excited to “Boo,” too! It’s such a fun new tradition!

weve been booed printables for halloween

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You’ve Been Booed! Free Halloween Printable

I had always wanted to live in a neighborhood that “Boos” each other at Halloween time, so I was beyond thrilled when we opened the front door of our new home one October morning to discover a plastic pumpkin packed full of treats and goodies for my kiddos. Attached was a note instructing us to place the included “We’ve Been Booed” sign on our door or in our front window to alert the other neighbors that we had been booed. The note also instructed us to pack up two baskets of goodies along with a copy of the sign/instructions and deliver them secretly to two other neighbors who hadn’t been booed yet.

That was eight years ago (!), and my boys STILL talk about their very first Boo experience! Every year, we have a blast making up two baskets of candy, treats, and small Halloween trinkets and party favors for our favorite neighbors, it’s a fun modern tradition that our neighborhood has FULLY embraced!

free weve been booed printables

Your Boo basket treats can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be! I’ve seen “You’ve Been Booed” signs left on the desk of office co-workers along with a cup of Starbucks coffee and a muffin, and I’ve seen neighborhood kids deliver colorful plastic pails overflowing with homemade popcorn balls, candy, and Halloween DVD movies! Anything goes, as long as it keeps with the giving nature and the fun Halloween spirit of the game! BUT, a Boo basket doesn’t have to cost a ton of money! A plate of homemade cookies makes a great Boo basket treat, and you can find LOTS of inexpensive Halloween toys, candy, and goodies at dollar stores and discount stores!

(Note: when delivering edible homemade treats, I always like to include a separate small envelope addressed to the parents with a note letting them know who the boo treats are from so that they know they’re safe to eat!)

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