This marble painting activity is a blast for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids of all ages! 

kids activity marble painting activity

Marble Painting Kids Arts & Crafts Activity

I had seen this fun marble painting mentioned in a couple of different kids craft magazines, and I was really looking forward to trying it out with the boys.

Since it was a nice sunny day, and the boys were itching to do a project, we decided to head outside for some painting fun in the sun. Using the backyard instead of the kitchen was a nice change of scenery, and it kept me from worrying too much about the potential mess.

tray and paper for marble painting

What You’ll Need: 

  • Deep Tray – we used a disposable roasting pan, but you can use a shallow cardboard box, lid, baking dish, etc. 
  • Paper
  • Washable Paint
  • Marble or Small Ball
  • Painter’s Tape, optional

First, cut a piece of paper to fit in the bottom of a pan, box lid or other shallow dish. You may want to tape the sides down if you think that your little ones will be too interested in taking the paper out of the pan.

kids ready to enjoy painting project
Make sure that everyone has on clothing that they can get messy in! My three-year-old was really into this project, but he was also really into taking the marbles out of the dish and cleaning them off over and over and OVER again.
paint dripped and swirled in traysAdd a few large swirls of paint to your paper.
marbles rolling around tray painting
Throw in a couple of marbles and let the kids slant and turn the dish to roll the marbles back and forth across the paint.
small child wearing apron painting with marbles in trayThat’s all it takes to create a new masterpiece! My little guy was especially enthralled with how the colors all swirled together.
cool marble paintings for kids
Because we were working outside, we hung our marble paintings up on the fence outside to dry. This was especially helpful because we had some thick paper and big gobs of paint, and they dried SO much faster when hung them outside!
If you want to get even more crafty fun out of this project, you can cut up your marble paintings into smaller pieces and use them to decorate birthday cards
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