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Cute Candy Cornucopias are a yummy Thanksgiving table decoration! A quick and easy Thanksgiving craft that’s fun for all ages!

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A cornucopia, also known as The Horn of Plenty, is a traditional symbol of the fall harvest and is closely associated with Thanksgiving.  The horn-shaped baskets are a symbol of abundance and nourishment and are often depicted as overflowing with newly harvested fruits and vegetables. Our candy cornucopias puts a sweet twist on the classic horn and are filled to overflowing with candy pumpkins, fruit jellies, candy corn, and marzipan fruits!

Thanksgiving Craft: Candy Cornucopiasupplies for making thanksgiving table decor

What You’ll Need to Make a Candy Cornucopia:

cutting fringe for diy paper cornucopia Start by using the fringe scissors to create a fringed length of crepe paper – you’ll need about 7′ for each cornucopia.

glueing fringed crepe paper to sides of coneStarting at the base of the cone, use the glue stick to attach the fringed tissue to the cone, overlapping each layer slightly. (Just pretend that this green crepe paper is brown, mmmkay?) 

cornucopia spilling out candy and pumpkins When your entire cone is covered in crepe paper, allow the glue to dry completely before rolling the tip of the cone up. Tip: Use a marker to help you roll the tip to create a tighter and more nicely shaped roll! Simply roll the tip of the cone around the marker, hold, and release!

cute DIY thanksgiving table decorFill the paper cornucopia with all of your favorite harvest candies, and place on the center of your Thanksgiving table for a sweet holiday centerpiece! It’s perfect for the kids table, but I’m sure that the adults would love it, too!

lego brickheadz pieces and box If you’re looking for even more fun around the holiday table, check out this awesome new Thanksgiving Turkey LEGO BrickHeadz! This 114-piece set is a great way to pass the time around the kids table while they’re waiting for dinner to finish cooking!

LEGO Brickheads turkey assembledMy boys had a blast putting this LEGO BrickHeadz set together, and they gave it a highly enthusiastic two thumbs up! Definitely a winner around the holiday table!

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  1. I love this idea and want to use it for our after school girls program. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!!