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15 awesome candy science experiments that make excellent candy science fair projects! Your kids will love these cool science experiments featuring their favorite candy treats!

Candy Science Fair Projects

awesome candy science experiments for kids

It’s Science Fair Season around here, and these super fun candy science experiments would make totally cool science fair projects! Covering a range of topics from the basic scientific method to osmosis and chromatography, these cool science experiments prove that there’s more to your favorite candies than just sugary sweetness!

Candy Science Experiments for Kids

multi colored rock candy in a mason jar

Rock Candy

Making homemade Rock Candy is a fantastic way to learn about crystallization while growing delicious sweet treats!

rainbow skittles stem science experiment

Rainbow Skittles

Create one-of-a-kind art with this popular Rainbow Skittles activity!

peeps candy experiment grinch heart themed

Grinch Heart – Peeps Science Experiment

Grinch Heart – Peeps Science Experiment is a fun experiment that involves comparing the effects of different liquids on Peeps hearts.

dancing conversation hearts kids science activity

Dancing Hearts Candy Experiment

Kids will love watching the fun chemical reactions that these Dancing Hearts Candieswill create!

candy chromatography science experiement

Candy Chromatography

With this Candy Chromatography science experiment, you can separate dye into its individual colors to create unique works of art!

diy agate slice homemade kids activity

DIY Agate Candy Slices

DIY Agate Candy Slices are an awesome kitchen science experiment that demonstrates examples of property changes and chemical changes!

easter peeps science experiment for children

Peeps Science Experiments

Make predictions, record observations, and draw conclusions with these Peeps Science Experiments.

kid coloring in candy bar science experiment sink or float test

Sink or Float Candy Experiment

Learn about predictions, forming hypotheses, and testing ideas with this engaging Sink or Float Candy Experiment.

building with candy heart activity for kids

Building Structures With Candy Hearts

Building Structures With Candy Hearts is a creative STEM engineering project that’s fun for all ages!

bend your candy canes science activity for kids

Bending Candy Candy Canes

Bend Candy Candy Canes into fun shapes and unique designs while learning how heat affects the candy’s physical properties!

mentos geyser explosion activity for kids

Mentos Geyser

The chemical reactions in a Mentos Geyser are a classic science experiment favorite!

pop rockets kids science acitivity

Pop Rockets

Try this fun exploding Pop Rockets experiment for 4th of July or any time of year!

dissolving pumpkin candy experiment

Dissolving Pumpkins

Predict what will happen when you Dissolve Pumpkins in different liquids!

pixi stix learning tray candy play

Pixy Stix Learning Tray

Make this Pixy Stix Learning Tray to create fun patterns and swirls!

gummy bears fun science experiments for kids

Gummy Bear Experiments

This simple Gummy Bear Experiment is a wonderful way to learn about osmosis!

These fun experiments are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face! There’s no sweeter way to master new science concepts than to combine scientific learning with candy treats!

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Simple Oil & Water Science Experiment for Kids

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cool candy science experiments for kids

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