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These DIY birdhouses and bird feeders are sure to bring all kinds of feathered friends to your yard! Fun for all ages!

DIY Birdhouses and Bird Feeders

birdhouses and bird feeders collage

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Do you enjoy bird watching? If you do, and you want to attract more birds to your property, you’ll love these DIY birdhouses and bird feeders!

Sure, you can buy pre-made birdhouses at the store, but this is the perfect opportunity to recycle and upcycle things that you already have. Did you know that you can make birdhouses from gourds, milk cartons, and scrap wood? You can provide your feathered friends protection from the elements at little or no cost!

And bird feeders are even easier! You’ll need to purchase the birdseed, of course, but you’ll find so many creative ways to feed them here. Some bird feeders are temporary ones that last only days or weeks, while others can be left up year-round, adding seed to them as needed. 

Making DIY birdhouses and birdfeeders is fun to do as a family. It teaches the kids that we are responsible for ensuring that other creatures are well cared for, and crafting is always quality time well spent!

Pick a project or two from this list to make something fun for your feathered friends. They’re going to love it!

DIY Birdhouses

gourd birdhouse painted with colorful dots and sunflower

DIY Gourd Birdhouses from Happiness is Homemade: Use leftover gourds from your garden to make beautiful birdhouses in all shapes and sizes. You’ll need to let the gourds dry out over several months, so plan to make gourd birdhouses the spring following your fall harvest.

milk carton made into birdhouse hung up in lawn

Milk Carton Birdhouses from Happiness is Homemade: Upcycle milk cartons to make some colorful birdhouses for your feathered friends. The wooden spoons give the birds a handy perch to rest on while they’re feeding.

snowman shaped birdhouse in snow

Snowman Birdhouse from Craft Create Cook: You can use the same idea from the milk carton birdhouses to make this pretty snowman version that’s perfect for winter.

birdhouse chandelier with multiple birdhouses

Birdhouse Chandelier from Dream a Little Bigger: If you’re up for a bit of a DIY project, you can have the swankiest birdhouses in town! This birdhouse chandelier can protect several birds from the elements. Plus, it just looks really cool and colorful in the backyard!

scrap wood and metals made into birdhouse

Scrap Wood Birdhouses from Pennies Into Pearls: You don’t have to run to the home improvement store to build a birdhouse. If you have scrap wood lying around, you can make one from the scraps using this tutorial. Doesn’t it look rustic and charming, especially with that spoon perch?

birdhouses covered in stones

Stone Birdhouse from Empress of Dirt: Stone birdhouses look gorgeous in the garden, and they’re easier to make than you think. You can buy a pre-made wooden birdhouse to start with as your base, or you can build your own simple wooden birdhouse and add the rocks to that.

simple modern designed bird house

Simple Birdhouse from Dream a Little Bigger: Learn how to build a simple rectangular birdhouse with this tutorial. You can easily make them with wood left over from your other projects, and simply painting the roof adds a fun pop of color to the design.

DIY Bird Feeders

pine cone dipped in bird seed bird feeders

Pinecone Birdfeeders from Happiness is Homemade: Did you know that you can turn pinecones into birdfeeders? It’s easy to do with a layer of peanut butter and bird seeds. Once the pinecone is coated, add a ribbon and hang it in the tree. You may want to put it in a shaded area to keep the peanut butter from getting too melty in the sun. If you’re concerned about birds and peanut butter, you can rest assured that it’s safe for most birds.

bird seed covered ornaments hung on tree

Bird Seed Ornaments from Happiness is Homemade: We made these birdseed ornaments using mini bundt pans, birdseed, and a few other ingredients. Note: make sure you hang them somewhere covered, or else they’ll fall apart in the rain!

mason jar lid bird feeder hung on tree

Mason Jar Lid Bird Feeder from I Should Be Mopping the Floor: This bird feeder and seed recipe is a fun, frugal way to feed your backyard birds all season long. You can make loads of them cheaply, which is great if you get a lot of birds on your property.

cereal strung on ornament bird feeder

Cereal Bird Feeder Ornaments from Natural Beach Living: Make a sweet treat for the backyard birds using Fruit Loops or any other circle-shaped cereal you can string onto pipe cleaners.

colored bird homes on swinging tray with bird seed

Easy Bird Feeders with No Tools from Scattered Thoughts of  Crafty Mom: Paint inexpensive birdhouses from the Dollar Store, and glue them to a wide tray using a powerful glue like Gorilla glue. Add some birdseed to the tray, and leave the birdhouses open for birds to rest in if needed. This will look so pretty hanging in your backyard!

tea cup made into bird feeder

Tea Cup Bird Feeder from Craft Bits: Do you have a teacup that no longer matches anything? Or maybe you’ve found some on the cheap at a thrift shop? Turn it into a dainty bird feeder!

orange halve filled with bird seed hung up

Orange Bird Feeder from Natural Beach Living: Use scooped-out orange halves to make these fun bird feeders! Birds can perch on the dowels as they eat, and it also makes it easier to hang these up. They’ll last a couple of weeks outdoors.

toilet roll with bird seed all over it

Toilet Roll Bird Feeder from Kenarry: You can use the peanut butter approach with toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls, too. These bird feeders are super easy to make and string up.

cedar bird feeder hung up

Cedar Bird Feeder with Homemade Suet from Dukes and Duchesses: If you want a bird feeder that blends in, this cedar feeder fits the bill. The author also includes a recipe for homemade suet that you can put into the bird feeder all season long.

seashell bird feeder hung up

Seashell Bird Feeder from Darcy and Brian: If you have large seashells, like clamshells (clean them first), you can make a cute bird feeder in a pinch. Craft sticks give the birds a place to perch, while the shell holds the birdseed.

pumpkin with top sliced off and filled with bird seed, strung from a tree

Pumpkin Bird Feeder from The Gingerbread House: If you’re like most of us, you probably buy lots of small pumpkins to decorate your mantle and tables in the fall. Once you’re done with them, carve them out and use them as bird feeders!

egg cartons recycled into bird feeders

Egg Carton Bird Feeders from Learning and Exploring Through Play: Use egg cartons to put out birdseed for your feathered friends. This allows several different birds to feed at once without fighting over the food.

Do you put out birdseed for the birds in your area? We’d love to hear about which species you’ve seen!

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  1. Such great ideas, I love the pine cone one and we have soooo many pine cones around us!! My twins and I did something similar and built a birdhouse out of popsicle sticks using the peanut butter as “glue” to hold them together! Thanks for sharing ❤️💚🧡💙💜