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30+ Creative DIY Fairy Garden Ideas to enchant your yard and garden! Fairy gardens are a fun do-it-yourself craft & gardening project for all ages!

"Fairy Garden Ideas" graphic with collage of fairy house elements

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Fairy gardens are a fun project that the whole family can join in on! Even the littlest members of your family can contribute something to the garden!

If you’re looking for materials inspiration to create one of your very own, you’re going to love these charming fairy garden ideas. You’ll find loads of inspiration for making fairy houses, for containers to set your garden in, and even for accessories such as mushrooms, wishing wells, and doors to go in your fairy garden.

Fairy gardens aren’t just Summer and Spring projects, though. We’ve managed to find some really awesome Fall and Christmas fairy gardens that should get the wheels turning in your head to update your display throughout every season!

Don’t worry—you don’t have to make a trip to the craft store if you don’t want to! Many of these fairy gardens can be made using items you already have on hand. Get creative! You can make a fairy garden out of just about anything with a little imagination!

Colorful fairy garden house made from recycled can and polymer clay

Polymer Clay Fairy Garden House

Polymer Clay Fairy Garden House from Happiness is Homemade: Using a recycled can as the base of our fairy house, we covered it polymer clay and made lots of decorative features for our new and improved fairy gardens. (P.S. Check out the cool tire swing we made also!)

Fairy garden in a bowl with miniature adirondack chair and flamingo

Beach Fairy Garden

Beach Fairy Garden from Shrimp Salad Circus: When you’re feeling those beach vibes, but vacation is still months away, make a beach fairy garden to remind you of your favorite vacation spot. Every time you look at it, you’ll be reminded of how good it feels to bury your toes in the sand while listening to the ocean waves.

DIY Light up fairy garden house day and night split screen

Solar Powered Fairy House

Solar Powered Fairy House from Creative Green Living: Use a solar-powered garden light to make a glow-in-the-dark fairy house for your garden! It will look beautiful as it lights up each evening. If you don’t have any small river rocks nearby, rocks purchased in the craft store will do just fine. It really looks like a fairy house you’d expect to find in the woods, doesn’t it?

DIY fairy garden in a teacup with banner and miniature chair

Teacup Fairy Garden

Teacup Fairy Garden from See Vanessa Craft: You can nearly always find pretty teacups and saucers at thrift stores or garage sales. The next time you spot one, snatch it up to make a teacup fairy garden! Since it may be difficult to add drainage to a teacup, it’s best to use artificial mosses and plants in your teacup fairy garden.

mermaid fairy garden with the word \"beach\"

Mermaid Fairy Garden

Mermaid Fairy Garden from The Homespun Hydrangea: Any mermaid fan will adore this fairy garden! For the filler, you can use sand, aquarium rocks, or another filler of your choice. Of course, you’ll need some seashells from your own beach adventures, if you have them.

Fairy garden mushrooms made with plastic Easter eggs

Easy Fairy Garden Mushrooms

Easy Fairy Garden Mushrooms from The Homespun Hydrangea: Want to make some mushrooms in a pinch? Use the leftover plastic eggs from Easter, add some dots and a craft stick, and you’re all set!

Fairy garden with fairy house made out of a recycled soda bottle

Soda Bottle Fairy Garden

Soda Bottle Fairy Garden from My Pinterventures: Glam up a soda bottle to add to your fairy garden—really! Gold duct tape completely transformed the recycled bottle into a magical house that any fairy would love.

Fairy garden door made of popsicle sticks and decorated with colorful buttons

Craft Stick Fairy House

Craft Stick Fairy House from Living Well Mom: Let the kids build a fairy house using popsicle sticks! It could double as a fun craft and a STEM project. Hint: using a box as the base for the craft sticks makes this a little easier, but older kids who are helping may want to try it without the box.

Red polka dotted fairy garden mushrooms made from acorns and twigs

Fairy Garden Mushrooms from Acorns and Twigs

Fairy Garden Mushrooms from Acorns and Twigs from Pet Scribbles: Craft with items from nature! Gather acorns when they start falling to the ground, and use the caps to make some adorable mushrooms.

Fairy garden in a mason jar with deer and red polka dot mushrooms

Mason Jar Fairy Garden

Mason Jar Fairy Garden from Crafts by Amanda: Combine a cute mason jar craft with a fairy garden! This is a super fun project for the kids. They probably have some toy animals or fairies that would look so cute inside the jar.

Fairy garden in a recycled suitcase filled with greenery and a small fairy house

Suitcase Fairy Garden

Suitcase Fairy Garden from Empress of Dirt: Do you have a vintage suitcase that you no longer use for travel? Fill it with all the trappings of a fun fairy garden. Don’t forget to add drainage to the suitcase if you’re using real soil and plants.

Tin can fairy garden house in terra cotta pot with greenery

Tin Can Fairy Garden House

Tin Can Fairy Garden House from Dazzle While Frazzled: This craft is definitely for the grown-ups since it involves cutting a tin can! But as you can see, the results are quite adorable, and the project is a super frugal one.

flower pot shaped fairy garden house painted to look like mushroom with red and white polka dot top with a green ceramic frog next to it

Clay Pot Fairy Garden House

Clay Pot Fairy Garden House from Vicki O’Dell: Repurpose an old flower pot to make a cute little fairy garden. You’ll need a clay pot, some saucers, glue, and acrylic paints to complete this project. We love that the fairy house looks like a toadstool!

Fairy garden cottage in planter with greenery, rock bridge, and blue stones to simulate water

Gnome Fairy Garden

Gnome Fairy Garden from Paint Yourself a Smile: These gnome gardens are absolutely stunning! If you’re looking for a fun weekend project for the whole family, this is it. You’ll start by building the box table from scratch and then choosing all the elements to fill the box with.

Red flowers in terra cotta pot with fairy figurine in front and greenery with small animal figurines

Whimsical Fairy Garden

Whimsical Fairy Garden from Yesterday on Tuesday: This simple and whimsical fairy garden is beautiful. A couple of woodland animals, a couple of succulents, some flowers, and a fairy are all you need.

Red mushroom shaped fairy garden house with fairy figurine in burlap lined box sitting on a white wood chair

Chair Fairy Garden

Chair Fairy Garden from Our Crafty Mom: Think twice before tossing that old, broken down chair! You can turn it into a charming fairy garden to decorate your porch or somewhere in your house. We love the sweet “Believe” burlap banner hanging above the garden.

Hand painted round fairy garden house with white picket fences around it in terra cotta pot

Play Dough Fairy Gardens

Play Dough Fairy Gardens from Mama Papa Bubba: If you’re terrible with plants but still want to let your kids make a fairy garden, set up a playdough station with play dough, faux plants or flowers, stones, rocks, pebbles, sticks, and anything else you’d like to add. The kids will enjoy hours of fun making different variations.

(P.S. Check out our list of 25+ different kinds of homemade play dough you can use!)

Natural looking fairy garden with rock path, small greenery, and wooden stick made door

Stick Structures for the Fairy Garden

Stick Structures for the Fairy Garden from The Magic Onions: Who knew you could do so much with simple sticks? Here, you can see they made a fence, a door, windows, and a garden bed for their fairy garden all out of sticks. Impressive!

Fairy garden door made from round piece of wood painted mint green with purple flower printed cloth window covering

Wooden Circle Fairy Garden Door

Wooden Circle Fairy Door from Fireflies and Mud Pies: This wooden circle door makes for some quite cute variations of fairy doors. They will look adorable against any tree on your property. The little curtain is just so charming!

Orange pumpkin turned into a fairy garden house with a moss roof and wooden stick made door surrounded by flowers and greenery

Pumpkin Fairy House

Pumpkin Fairy House from Crafts by Amanda: When the wind starts to get chillier and you’re indulging in all things pumpkin spice, try your hand at this pumpkin fairy house! The cornstalk made from raffia and twine is a gorgeous touch.

White tea cup with fairy figurine, faux cranberry decoration, and small Merry Christmas banner inside

Festive Christmas Fairy Garden

Festive Christmas Fairy Garden from Fireflies and Mud Pies: Let the fairy garden fun continue through the holidays! This Christmas fairy garden is certainly festive, with greenery, Christmas figurines, bells, berries, and more.

fairy garden water feature

Water Feature

Water Feature from A Crafty Mix: This DIY fairy garden water feature would look excellent around any fairy homes! With just a little bit of resin you can bring your mini garden to life!

fairy garden with fairy lights

Fairy Lighted Garden

Fairy Lighted Garden from Little Tudor on the Prairie: Watch your enchanted garden glitter by placing some twinkle, or fairy lights around the garden. We love how it lights up the little houses and pathways!

stump turned into fairy garden

Tree Stump Fairy House

Tree Stump Fairy House from The Magic Onions: Upcycle an old stump in your yard by turning it into a cute fairy getaway! Decorate the roof of your stump with some green moss or other natural materials and Voila! Outline with a mini picket fence and you’ve got an adorable outdoor fairy garden.

Pinecone fairy house for kids

Pinecone Fairy House

Pinecone Fairy House from The Pinterested Parent: Pinecones make the best fairy roofs! This adorable fairy house is made from air dry clay and uses a pinecone as the roof structure. It’s an easy enough activity that the kids can make several of their own tiny houses!

Broken pots made into fairy garden houses

Broken Pot Fairy Home

Broken Pot Fairy Home from Fairy Garden DIY: Not only is this simply adorable, but it’s the perfect use for broken clay pots! All you’ll need are a couple of new or broken terra cotta pots to craft this extraordinary multi-tiered fairy home. Amazing!

Fairy garden house made from recycled detergent bottle

Detergent Bottle Fairy Home

Detergent Bottle Fairy Home from DIY N Crafts: Upcycle an old laundry detergent bottle into something magical! This adorable fairy house is so much fun for a kid to decorate. Place around a few small plants or into the middle of a blooming garden bed for a whimsical fairy hideaway.

Travel trailer fairy succulent garden inspiration

Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden from Abbots at Home: Not your typical miniature gardens! Create a fun scene around living succulents to avoid the traditional fairy garden look. Not only are they low maintenance, but they look great with some unique miniatures – like this adorable mini travel trailer!

Fairy rock garden

Fairy House Rocks

Fairy House Rocks from The Pinterested Parent: If you can’t find anything to make into a fairy garden, just grab a few cool rocks! These nifty painted rocks look just like cute little fairy homes. A great afternoon craft to make with the kids!

alarm clock with fairy garden inside

Tiny Clock House

Tiny Clock House from Home Talk: It’s amazing just how many things make for a great fairy garden! Take this old alarm clock, for example. This post walks you through the process of creating your own tiny fairy house and gives instructions on how to make a cute wooden swing to place inside! Too cute!

wheelbarrow diy fairy garden idea

Wheelbarrow Garden

Wheelbarrow Garden from Better Homes and Garden: Have a rusty old wheelbarrow lying around? Repurpose it into a magical fairy garden! Just fill it with some pea gravel, rocks, or stones. Add a few miniature plants, fairy figurines, and tiny mushrooms and you’ve got a beautiful little garden decoration!

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