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Use this FREE Harry Potter SVG file to make yourself a “This is My Harry Potter Marathon Blanket” for your next Harry Potter movie marathon or reading binge!

this is my harry potter marathon blanket

Who’s ready for a Harry Potter marathon? Use our free Harry Potter SVG file and then cozy up with this adorable “This is My Harry Potter Marathon Blanket” for your next Harry Potter movie marathon or reading binge!

cricut maker and infusible ink materials

How to Make a Harry Potter Marathon Blanket:

Note: we used the new Cricut Infusible Ink to make our blanket, but you could also use iron-on vinyl as well. If you missed our Beginner’s Guide to Cricut Infusible Ink, make sure to check that out first! It’s packed FULL of tips and tricks to ensure that all of your Infusible Ink projects are a success!

Supplies Used:

hogwarts blanket svg file in cricut design space

To begin making your Harry Potter marathon blanket, open up Cricut Design Space (or other software program), and upload the SVG file (available at the bottom of this post).

If you need help uploading your SVG, you can follow our complete step-by-step guide for How to Upload an SVG File if you need it!

cricut cutting infusible ink

Use your Maker (or other cutting machine) to cut the Infusible Ink transfer sheet.

Note: When working with Infusible Ink, always mirror each mat before cutting! 

weeding harry potter infusible ink project

Carefully weed the Infusible Ink – you’ll notice that it is much thicker than other iron-on-type materials, so it weeds a bit differently. Gently bend the backing paper to “crack” the cuts apart, and use your hands or a pair of tweezers to remove the excess pieces. 

Do NOT use traditional weeding tools to weed Infusible Ink as this can cause bits of ink to become embedded in the transfer sheet and can result in unwanted ink transferring to your project!

You’ll notice that the color of the Infusible Ink looks dull at this point, but it will become much darker and more saturated once it has been infused with the fabric!

infusible ink ready and prepped to be infused

Place a sheet of cardstock on top of the EasyPress mat, and place the corner of the blanket on top. With your hand, brush all of the fibers of the blanket in the same direction, and place the Infusible Ink design face down on top of the blanket.

heat proof tape and project

If desired, use heat resistant tape to help keep the design in place.

cricut easypress 2

Heat the EasyPress 2 to 400 degrees. Cover the Infusible Ink design with a sheet of butcher paper and press with the EasyPress for 40 seconds using light pressure. Allow to cool completely.

HP marathon blanket with infusible ink

Peel off the transfer sheet to reveal your awesome new Harry Potter marathon blanket!

Harry potter marathon blanket with infusible ink

The Infusible Ink actually fuses and combines with the blanket to become a part of the fabric – it’s SO cool! And the best part is that your design won’t ever fade, crack, or peel in the wash! It’s now a permanent part of your blanket that can stretch, snuggle, and move with it!

This is my Harry potter marathon blanket made with infusible ink

This Harry Potter blanket would make an awesome gift idea, too! Use the free Harry Potter SVG design to make a marathon blanket for your favorite Potter fan!

Get the Harry Potter Marathon Blanket SVG File Here

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Get the whole SVG set and make your own Harry Potter marathon blankets, hoodies, shirts, and mugs!

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Don’t Forget to Pin this Harry Potter SVG for Later!

Harry potter marathon blanket svg file

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  1. Thankyou my 9 year old loves harry potter and is going to have a try to make this herself. a big thankyou from her too.

  2. Thank you so much! What size Easy Press is needed? I have the mini but now looking at getting something bigger. Will the 9×9 work?

    1. You can make the design fit to any size. I find the 9×9 is the most useful size if you’re going to upgrade to only one of the larger ones. 🙂