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25 Free Printable Kindergarten Worksheets for extra practice at home or in the classroom! Alphabet practice, math sheets, sight word recognition activities, and much more!

Note: Many of these printable worksheets are great for preschool students and first-grade students as well as kindergarteners!

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Parents and grandparents, do you have a budding kindergartener on your hands? Encourage their learning with these free printable worksheets focused on early learning skills!

Kindergarten teachers, are you looking for free worksheets to use in your classroom? We have just the thing for you!

With this collection of free printable kindergarten worksheets, your child will get lots of practice learning the alphabet, colors, early math skills, sight words, and much more!

Best of all, these worksheets are FUN and engaging, which makes ALL the difference when you’re learning! Many of the worksheets also incorporate manipulatives, which are perfect for hands-on learners.

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Alphabet Worksheets:

Learn alphabetic order, capital letters, and lowercase letters, as well as letter-word association with these engaging worksheets!

lego duplo alphabet activity

Alphabet LEGO Duplos Worksheets

Alphabet LEGO Duplos Worksheets from Adventure in a Box: Build all sorts of different animals for each letter of the alphabet using these instructions. It’s a wonderful and engaging letter of the week activity for a little learner.

transportation themed alphabet playdough mats and playdough with tools

Transportation Alphabet Playdough Mats

Transportation Alphabet Playdough Mats from The Chaos and the Clutter: Making letters using playdough and other manipulatives is a terrific way to practice letter writing skills, but it’s also helpful for letter recognition and formation even after kids begin writing their letters.

rainbow find and cover game for kids

Rainbow Find and Cover

Rainbow Find and Cover from Fun Learning for Kids: This find and cover activity is such a fun way to practice letter recognition. Just print out the worksheet, and provide your kiddo with buttons, LEGOs, etc. to cover up the letters associated with each card. You could also call out letters for them to color.

fun alphabet chart for kids

Alphabet Chart

Alphabet Chart from Growing Book by Book: There are so many ways to use this alphabet chart to practice letter recognition. Have your child point out the letter, cover up the letter, or cut out the pieces and mix them up, encouraging your child to put them in order.

alphabet find and color being colored

Alphabet Find and Color

Alphabet Find and Color from Picklebums: It’s handy for kids to be able to identify letters in all kinds of different fonts, and that’s exactly what this worksheet does. Coloring the letters in is a great way to practice fine motor skills!

large outline alphabet letters

Bingo Dot Alphabet

Bingo Dot Alphabet from Prekinders: Use Bingo markers to put dots in the large letters. This is a fun activity for kids because using the chunky dot markers is a lot easier for little hands.

printable alphabet dot-a-dot for kids

Alphabet Dot Worksheets

Alphabet Dot Worksheets from Natural Beach Living: Use q-tips to dot paint these letters. Kids can also practice tracing letters on the top portion. This is a fun way to get two types of practice for each letter.

Color Kindergarten Worksheets:

printable bugs color coloring worksheets

Bugs Color Worksheets

Bugs Color Worksheets from Itsy Bitsy Fun: Color snails, worms, beetles, and butterflies to help your kindergartener learn their colors. Not only does this reinforce color recognition, but kids will learn to match the colors to their words as well. A fun worksheet for springtime!

color by umber worksheets for kids

Color by Number Worksheets

Color by Number Worksheets from Itsy Bitsy Fun: Color by number to focus even more on identifying and using colors. These are more bug-themed worksheets that kindergarteners are sure to love.

Color sorting activity for kids

Color Sorting Worksheets

Color Sorting Worksheets from Active Littles entices little minds to practice color recognition while still enjoying playtime. With some quick laminating, you can take this color-sorting activity for kids on the go. It’s a great time killer when you’re on a long road trip, at an appointment, or just enjoying time at the park together.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets:

cowboy counting printables for preschoolers

Cowboy Counting and Tracing Worksheets

Cowboy Counting and Tracing Worksheets from Happiness is Homemade: While our worksheets are geared toward preschool students, they are terrific for kindergarteners, as well, since skills learned in preschool are reinforced during the first few weeks of kindergarten. These counting cowboys are cute!

Dr Seuss counting printable for young children

Dr. Seuss Counting Printables

Dr. Seuss Counting Printables from Kindergarten Teacher Resources are perfect for celebrating Seuss’s birthday! There are even more fun Dr. Seuss-inspired math worksheets included in this post. Kids can practice counting numbers 1-10 with each one of these educational worksheets. They’d even make a fun kindergarten math workbook!

robot math sheet for kids

Robot Math

Robot Math from Adventure in a Box: Use the dice to roll different shapes as you “build” your own robot. Kindergarteners will love this math worksheet that explores basic shapes and art in one fun activity.

draw a monster worksheet for kids

Draw a Monster

Draw a Monster from Adventure in a Box: This is similar to the robot math game above, but this time, your kindergartener will draw a monster. How many teeth? How many arms? Roll the dice to find out!

give a mouse a cookie worksheets being played with by child

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Counting Worksheet from Still Playing School: Use dot stamp markers to fill in and count the chocolate chips in each cookie on these fun worksheets.

kindergarten subtraction worksheets for small children

Caterpillar Kindergarten Subtraction

Caterpillar Kindergarten Subtraction from Itsy Bitsy Fun: Work out subtraction problems on cute little caterpillars. In addition to the worksheet, you could provide wooden beads, candy pieces, or other manipulatives to help kids work out the problems.

Sight Words Kindergarten Work Sheets

child coloring color by sight word sheets

Color by Sight Word Sheets

Color by Sight Word Sheets from April Golightly: Practice common sight words with these adorable coloring sheets featuring a unicorn, a rainbow, rockets, a patriotic scene, and more. This is a fantastic alternative to practice with flashcards.

rainbow four in a row word game

Rainbow Four in a Row Sight Word Game

Rainbow Four in a Row Sight Word Game from Fun Learning for Kids: This is a find-and-cover worksheet where students (or your kids) take turns reading the words and either coloring in or covering the word as you go along. Four in a row wins!

primer sight words printable worksheet for children

Primer Sight Words

Primer Sight Words from Life Over C’s: Practice some of the most commonly used words with these primer sight words worksheets. Kids can trace the word, build the word, write the word, and color the word.

Kindergarten Worksheets for Other Skills:

free star wars scissor practice worksheets

Star Wars Cutting Practice Worksheets

Star Wars Cutting Practice Worksheets from Simple Everyday Mom: Mastering the use of scissors is essential for kindergarteners and other early learners. Use this Star Wars workbook to practice fine motor skills with some of your child’s favorite characters, such as BB-8, R2D2, and Darth Vader.

germ worksheets for kindergarteners

Germ Worksheets for Kindergarten

Germ Worksheets for Kindergarten from Simple Everyday Mom: Kids need to be aware of germs now more than ever, so these engaging germ worksheets are a great place to start. The worksheets feature two different activities, including completing patterns and practicing scissor skills.

fun printable i spy game for kids

Aladdin Worksheets

Aladdin Worksheets from Happiness is Homemade: Don’t miss our Aladdin-themed worksheets! They’re designed for preschoolers, but kindergarteners will also love the memory match game, the maze, the simple puzzle, and the other included activities.

Five senses worksheet printable for kids

Five Senses Worksheets

Five Senses Worksheets from Kindergarten Worksheets: This cute senses activity is a great way to reinforce common verbs for each sense in young children. Plus, there’s even more fun science worksheets here that each make a great resource for making learning fun!

free printable calendar for kids

Calendar for Kids

Calendar for Kids from A Little Pinch of Perfect: Identifying the date and the day of the week is an essential skill for kindergarteners to learn that they’ll carry through the rest of their lives. Start with this printable calendar for kids that, if prepped with a laminator and velcro strips, can be changed out from month to month.

free printable record the weather worksheets

Record the Weather Worksheets

Record the Weather Worksheets from Surviving a Teacher’s Salary: Encourage kids to observe the weather! This printable pack includes a sheet to record the weather, a cut-and-paste weather match, and traceable phrases about the weather.

With the help of these free worksheets, your kindergarten students will have lots of fun while enriching their kindergarten skills!

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