Free Summer Word Search Printable

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This printable Summer Word Search is a ton of fun for kids of all ages! Find all 20 summer-themed words in this entertaining summer word search puzzle!

Summer Word Search on yellow background

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This free printable Summer word search is the perfect solution for boredom during your Summer vacation! It’s so easy to print and take this fun activity on a long road trip, to summer camp, or you can even keep it handy for classroom use at the beginning or end of the season! Do your best to find all the summer-related words on this list.

All of our free word search puzzles make great Summer fun! They’re a good way to practice and reinforce vocabulary words, as well as work on developing those fine motor skills. They’re a great way to enjoy some quiet time during those hot Summer days, too. Older kids and younger kids alike will love this extra fun word search!

Summer Word Search Printable

We love word searches around here, and since summer break is just around the corner, that means it’s time for another one of our super awesome word search puzzles! The perfect activity for long car rides, pool parties, and more!

Two Summer Word Searches on a purple background with orange and green markers

We’re kicking off summertime with this awesome summer word search that’s perfect for elementary kids and older – even the grown-ups will want to get in on the fun! Seek and find twenty Summer themed words in this free printable word search puzzle.

Summer word search on purple background with green marker

How Do Word Searches Help Your Brain?

Word search puzzles are a great workout for your brain! Word searches aid and assist with word recognition by helping the brain filter letters into recognizable patterns which in turn helps you to find order and determine meaning. These same puzzle solving skills can translate to other areas of your daily life by boosting communications skills, increasing vocabulary, and helping to keep your mind mentally sharp.

Printable Summer Word Search with "Beach" circled in green marker

Word searches are also beneficial in helping with spelling, language, and teaching children how to assess context clues. Word searches and similar word puzzles have also been proven to help increase memory retention and concentration in people of all ages. Not to mention that they’re lots of fun, too!

Summer Word Search word list

What’s your favorite thing about summer? Did it make our list? We’ve included twenty summer-themed words for you to seek and find. I can’t decide, but I think mine is a toss up between “vacation” and “beach!”

Find the summer vocabulary words at your leisure OR ramp up the competition and see if you can beat the clock or each other to see who can find all of the words first!

(Hint: These Summer words can be found forwards, backward, up, down, and diagonally!)

Two Summer Word Search printables on a purple background with green marker
Summer word search printable with "Beach" and "Pool" circled in green marker

This word search is the perfect First Day of Summer activity – great for families, students, summer campers, Scout troops, and more! 

Summer Word Search printable on purple background with orange and green markers

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This summer word search is sure to be a huge hit with your whole family, and it’s a super fun way to welcome the summer season!

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Summer word search with the words \"beach\" and \"loop\" circled in yellow.
Summer word search with the words \"beach\" and \"loop\" circled in yellow.
Summer word search with the text, \"Free Printable!\"
Free printable Summer Word Search
Free printable Summer Word Search
Free Summer word search

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