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These heart-shaped paper flowers are SO cute and SUPER easy to make! Perfect for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift! Learn how to make paper flowers with our easy step-by-step tutorial!

adorable paper heart flowers

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DIY Paper Flowers

Love is in the air, and I have hearts on my mind! I needed a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for a couple of friends, so I whipped up these SUPER cute heart paper flowers for them. It only took about 20  minutes to put both of these together, and they are seriously adorable!

If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day party or brunch, these paper flowers would also make a great quick and easy centerpiece idea! 

craft room paper organizers

But first, before I jump into the paper flower tutorial, I want you to meet the newest tool in my organizational arsenal, and one of my favorite craft room additions ever – The Original ScrapBox Paper Organizer!

scrapbox paper organizer with rainbows of papers

When I first got my DreamBox last year, I spent FOREVER trying to find a sturdy paper organizer that would fit in the space available, but sadly, there was NOTHING on the market that would fit the requirements. Sturdy paper organizers were all too large to fit the shelves, and anything that fit the shelves was too flimsy for my needs. 

Now, with the introduction of the Paper Organizer, my colorful paper organization dreams have come true! The Paper Organizer is designed to perfectly fit inside of your DreamBox cubbies, and it can be used vertically or horizontally. The divider shelves are removable, so you also have the flexibility of storing rolls of vinyl in there as well – they fit perfectly! 

rainbow paper organizer in dreambox

The Paper Organizer also fits on the DreamCart as well! 

pulling out sheets of paper from rainbow paper organizer

The Paper Organizer makes it super easy to sort through and pick out my favorite papers now…which is what made this paper flower project so much fun! 

How to Make DIY Paper Flowers

dreambox with paper in organizers with cricut machine

Supplies Used to Make Paper Flowers: 

Note: The amount of paper required for each flower will vary depending on the size of the flower, the desired density of the flower, and how many colors/patterns you include in each.

dreambox with paper organizers and cricut machine

For my 4″ tall flowers, I used four sheets of paper in an assortment of colors (2-3 colors per flower). For my 2″ tall flower, I used two sheets of paper, one each of two different colors. 

Open up the Heart Flowers project in Cricut Design Space and cut out all of the hearts. Alternately,  you can use scissors to hand-cut hearts (try to keep them as symmetrical as possible!). You will need approximately 12-20 hearts per flower depending on how full you want the flower to be. I used 16 hearts for my large flowers and 12 for the small flower. 

cricut machine with paper cut out hearts and pink paper

Fold each heart shape in half. 

paper hearts cut out with cricut machine
pink pastel paper hearts cut out of paper

Layer the hearts, alternating colors if desired, and glue the back sides of the hearts together using an extra-strength glue sick. 

paper hearts being glued into 3D flowers
paper heart flowers and dreambox paper organizer

Keep layering…and layering…

hand holding paper heart flowers

Continue layering and gluing the hearts together until you reach your desired thickness (this one used 16 hearts!). 

glueing stem onto paper heart 3d flower

Paint one of the bamboo skewers green (to act as the flower stem), and pre-heat the hot glue gun. 

paper heart flower unfolded to reveal layers

Open the flower into a full circle (do not glue the last petals together yet!). Add a line of hot glue to the top portion of the skewer, and place the skewer into the center opening of the flower. Now, glue the last two heart petals together to finish the flower. 

constructed paper heart flower finished

Ta da! Easy peasy! 

paper heart flowers stuck into foam block with pot next to it and paper organizer and glue gun

Use the hot glue gun to add paper leaves and any additional embellishments. I thought those little bows looked extra sweet! 

paper heart flowers in pots with crinkle paper filling

Add a styrofoam ball or floral foam to the bottom of a decorative flower pot and top with shredded paper to finish the look. 

These cute scalloped flower pots came from the Sommar collection at Ikea last summer, so they’re not currently available, but these simple and colorful flower pots from Amazon are just as adorable!

paper heart flowers in pots with crinkle paper filling

I’m seriously head over heels with the way these turned out! SO stinkin’ cute! (and SO easy to make!)

paper heart flowers in pots with crinkle paper filling
paper heart flowers in pots with crinkle paper filling

I can think of SO many different occasions where these heart flowers would make great table centerpieces, can’t you?! Brunches, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, Valentine’s Day events, and more! 

paper heart flowers in pots with crinkle paper filling

These adorable heart flowers are sure to be a huge hit no matter which occasion they’re for! Happy crafting! 

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Don’t Forget to Pin these Paper Flowers for Later!

adorable paper heart flowers
paper heart flowers in pots with crinkle paper filling
adorable paper heart flowers
heart paper flower tutorial

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