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30+ Mermaid Party Ideas that are perfect for a mermaid-themed birthday party, baby shower, ocean party, and more! TONS of games, decorations, mermaid-themed food, and more!

"Mermaid Party Ideas" graphic with collage of mermaid under the sea party ideas

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Are your little girls obsessed with mermaids? We have the perfect mermaid party ideas list that’ll make planning your little mermaid’s party SO easy! You’ll find amazing ideas for cakes and cupcakes as well as lots of other sweet treats for your mermaid dessert table. You’ll also find some fun party favors and gift ideas along with some fun mermaid activities for the kids.

Throwing a mermaid party doesn’t have to be difficult! Even if you’re not usually the crafty type, you’re going to find lots of easy DIY projects and recipes that anyone can pull off. And, if you can make fun party decorations and food yourself, you won’t end up spending a fortune on those expensive party supplies!

The mermaid party ideas from this list will help you make a big splash when the big day comes!

Mermaid Party Ideas

Here are our favorite mermaid party ideas from yours truly!

printable mermaid activity pack

Printable Mermaid Activity Pack

Printable Mermaid Activity Pack from Happiness is Homemade: This Mermaid Activity Pack is your ticket to under-the-sea fun! Little guests can practice writing, drawing, coloring, and more with our educational activities. Dive in and let the adventures begin!

mermaid at heart svg file shirt

Mermaid at Heart Shirt

Mermaid at Heart Shirt from Happiness is Homemade: Your little mermaid can wear this to their mermaid-themed party, or it would make a great gift idea for any mermaid fan! Use the SVG to create shirts, totes, tumblers, pillows, and more.

mermaid party diy tumblers

Mermaid Tumblers

Mermaid Tumblers from Happiness is Homemade: These tumblers would make a great addition to mermaid party favor bags! They’re easy to design with your Cricut, and you can find inexpensive tumblers at craft stores or online.

And here are some even MORE amazing mermaid party ideas from some of our favorite bloggers:

Mermaid Party Cake Ideas

homemade mermaid cake with edible sea shells

Ice Cream Mermaid Cake with Chocolate Seashells

Just look at this stunning Ice Cream Mermaid Cake with Chocolate Seashells from Courtney’s Sweets! Turn ice cream cakes into a mermaid extravaganza using this tutorial. The mermaid tails and chocolate seashells look so pretty against the seafoam green whipped cream.

easy diy mermaid cupcakes

Easy Mermaid Cupcakes

These Easy Mermaid Cupcakes from The Soccer Mom Blog are easier than you think to make, but it’ll look like you spent loads of time on them! Lessen the workload for yourself by using a boxed cake mix. You could even use store bought frosting. The mermaid tails are made from a tub of pre-made fondant, so it’s really about bringing the look together more than anything else!

diy mermaid cupcakes with cute toppings

DIY Mermaid Cupcakes

If you’re looking for simple cupcakes that are easy to pull together in a pinch, these DIY Mermaid Cupcakes from Cutesy Crafts are for you! The mermaid tails are made with sugar cones and glitter paper, and the clam cupcakes are made with vanilla wafers. There are several other easy cupcakes in this blog post that you’ll want to add to your food table, too. Genius!

Mermaid Party Food

turkey and provolone clam sandwiches

Turkey and Provolone “Clam” Sandwiches

Use a seashell cookie cutter to make these Turkey and Provolone Clam Sandwiches from Modern Mom Life. Cute! You could also use a mermaid tail cookie cutter or the whale cookie cutters to make other sea life-themed sandwiches. 

pretty mermaid party treats dipped marshmallows

Mermaid Tail Marshmallows

These jumbo Mermaid Tail Marshmallows from Finding Zest will become the star of the show. The mermaid tails look like they’re sticking out of aqua-colored waves right off a sandy beach. They’re a great way to make a big splash!

homemade mermaid bow cookies

Mermaid Bow Cookies

How adorable are these green and purple Mermaid Cookies from Moms and Munchkins? Add them to the dessert table at the party, or send these mermaid desserts home with your party guests in cellophane wrapping and a pretty bow.

mermaid cookie cups with pearl decorations

Mermaid Cookie Cups from A Magical Mess: Sugar cookie cups are filled with swirls of colorful icing and topped with mermaid sprinkles. These are quick and easy, and they’ll be gobbled up in no time.

mermaid munch snack mix

Mermaid Munch Snack Mix

Mermaid Munch Snack Mix from Tonya Staab: Snack cartons are decorated to look like mermaid tails, and then they’re filled with a colorful mermaid-themed popcorn snack mix. This is the perfect addition to a party if you plan on showing a mermaid movie (like ‘The Little Mermaid‘) as well.

homemade lollipops that look like mermaid tails

Mermaid Lollipops

Put these Mermaid Lollipops from Ruffles and Rain Boots in a cute mermaid jar at the dessert table, or send your guests home with these easy mermaid tail lollipops made from Jolly Ranchers!

clam shell cookies for mermaid parties

Clam Shell Cookies

These Clam Shell Cookies from Crayons and Cravings are so easy to put together with Vanilla wafers and frosting! 

mermaid party donuts with mermaid sprinkles

Mermaid Party Donuts

Turn ordinary donuts into magical Mermaid Party Donuts from Savvy Saving Couple with the help of candy melts, food coloring, and mermaid sprinkles. They’re almost too pretty to eat—almost. Who can pass up a donut, after all?

mermaid tail pretzel snacks

Mermaid Tails Pretzel Snacks

Decorated pretzel rods are super easy to make, but they always look great on the party table. These Mermaid Tails Pretzel Snacks from Ever After in the Woods are so colorful; they’ll look amazing in a mason jar on the dessert table!

mermaid party punch for summer

Mermaid Party Punch

Serve this simple 4-ingredient non-alcoholic party punch! This tropical Mermaid Party Punch from Liz on Call is the perfect color for mermaid-themed parties! 

Mermaid Party Decor

diy jellyfish party decorations

Jellyfish Decor

Hang this colorful Jellyfish Decor from The Suburban Mom around the party area. The “tentacles” will look so pretty and fluttery in the breeze!

sea swirl table cloth

Sea Swirl Table Skirt

Add to your sea party decorations with this fun Sea Swirl Table Skirt from Amazon. Doesn’t it remind you of pretty swirling, twirling seaweed under the ocean?

diy mermaid party lanterns

Mermaid Lanterns

If you’re hosting a pool party in the evening, these Mermaid Lanterns from Red Ted Art would look gorgeous lighting the deck! 

diy paper lantern fish

DIY Paper Lantern Fish

It’s easy to turn paper lanterns into these DIY Paper Lantern Fish from Make Life Lovely with a little tissue paper and creativity. Aren’t they cute?

mermaid photo backdrop with kids posing with mermaid photo props

DIY Photo Backdrop

This easy DIY Photo Backdrop from Fin Fun Mermaid explains how to craft your own, one-of-a-kind photo backdrop for your own mermaid parties. The best part, they’ve also included free printable mermaid photo props for your convenience, too!

Mermaid Party Activities & Games

Looking for something fun for the kids to do at the party? Here are some cute mermaid games and mermaid crafts that the kids can make.

how many seashells party game on party table

How Many Seashells Game

How Many Seashells Game from Must Have Mom: The concept is pretty simple: guess how many sea shells are in the jar! The idea of letting adults and kids guess (and separating the results) was a smart idea!

mermaid sack race tails

Mermaid Sack Race

Have a hilarious Mermaid Sack Race using these adorable mermaid tail sacks from Amazon. See which mermaid swims (or hops!) the fastest to the finish line in this great mermaid party game!

find your mermaid name printables

Find Your Mermaid Name

Find Your Mermaid Name from Cutesy Crafts: Put this printable up on one of the tables and have all the guests figure out their mermaid names. Provide name tags in case they want to go by their mermaid names for the duration of the party!

paper mermaid with kids face photo

Mermaid Photo Craft

Mermaid Photo Craft from Simple Everyday Mom: If you have an instant camera, this mermaid photo craft would be a HUGE hit! The template makes it easy to complete with kids of all ages, but you could pre-cut some of the pieces before the party to make the craft go a little quicker. 

diy mermaid bookmarks

Mermaid Bookmarks

Mermaid Bookmarks from Red Ted Art: Encourage reading and a love of all things mermaid with these cute little diy bookmarks. 

Mermaid Party Favors

diy party mermaid wands for kids

Mermaid Wands

Mermaid Wands from Finding Zest: These could double as favors or a fun party activity. Kids will have so much fun swinging their winds around and watching the trailing ribbons.

mermaid soap bars for kids

Mermaid Soap for Kids

Mermaid Soap for Kids from The Inspiration Edit: Mermaid figures are placed inside clear glycerin soap to make fun party favors for kids. Your kiddo will never complain about taking a bath or shower when they have a fun surprise to find in their soap!

Mermaid Bath Bombs

Mermaid Bath Bombs from Homemade Bath Bombs: Any little mermaid who’s partied all day needs to relax. These mermaid bath bombs are just the ticket! They’re blue-green, sparkly, and will smell amazing in the bath. And they’ll also turn your bathwater a really gorgeous, sparkly color, too.

mermaid party favor boxes

Mermaid Favor Boxes

Mermaid Favor Boxes from Party with Unicorns: Use the printable template and cardstock to create gorgeous mermaid favor boxes for little trinkets, candies, and toys.

homemade mermaid sugar scrub

Mermaid Sugar Scrub

Mermaid Sugar Scrub from Sugar, Spice, and Glitter: This sugar scrub is pampering at its finest. The tutorial includes 3 different versions: an Ariel-themed scrub, a Flounder-themed scrub, and an Ursula-themed scrub. All would make great favors for a Little Mermaid theme party!

mermaid tail coloring crayons

Mermaid Crayons

Mermaid Crayons from Nerdy Mamma: Melt some of those old, broken crayons to make fab mermaid tail crayons for party favors. These are really inexpensive if you have lots of broken, unused crayons in your craft bins. 

Now, you’re all set to have a splashin’ good time at your mermaid-themed birthday party or event! Pin this list of mermaid party ideas to save it for any time of the year!

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